Facebook/Parse Add Web Hosting Services

Facebook has made quite a few acquisitions. One of those purchases was Parse, a mobile back-end startup company. Parse was purchased by Facebook, so that Facebook could focus on developers of the mobile sort. Today, Parse has launched full-service cheap web hosting aimed at mobile developers.

icon gallery Facebook/Parse Add Web Hosting ServicesWhat would mobile developers want with a cheap web hosting site like the one Parse just created? A Parse representative had this to say: “…people were building mobile apps using Parse. But when they wanted a web presence or a dot-com landing page, they were using Parse for the log-in, but the website was being served from something else…” So, Parse decided to be that “something else,” in order to prevent developers from going elsewhere.

Facebook/Parse Add Web Hosting Services: Inside Parse Web Hosting

The Parse web hosting site lets developers create and host landing pages. Further, user data can be displayed with the Parse API. Surprisingly, the fact that Parse was purchased by Facebook has not turned developers away. In fact, Parse usage is up. Now that Parse is offering web hosting services, the company expects business to boom.

Facebook/Parse Add Web Hosting Services: The Facebook Deal

When acquiring a company, it's a good idea — take note — to let that company remain in tact as much as possible. By not meddling too much with Parse's team or the direction that the startup was already headed in, Facebook is letting its recently acquired company grow. The Parse team is being handled much like the Instagram team was, and that's a good thing.

Now that developers are working with Parse on both a mobile and web way, the company is expected to reach new heights. Parse has been slightly criticized for higher than average upgrade rates (around $200), but that's to be expected. All around, Parse seems like a great mobile and web option.

I'll make sure to do a complete review of Parse for those that are interested. Would the fact that Facebook looms in the background scare you away from a service like Parse? Let me know below!

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