The Copyright Whip Is About to be Cracked!

Have you just set up a cheap web hosting website using a cheaper web host? Want to run a ton of movie clips and music from that site? Hoping that the world sees just how cool you are based on your musical or movie taste? Not so fast! You could be facing some major copyright legalities soon.

The five major ISPs on the web are starting to crack down on copyright thieves. Whether you are using a cheap web hosting site or a more expensive one, ISP system will start tracking and tracing anyone who tries to post copyrighted content on a site. If you don't have permission to post, you could soon be in trouble. Here are the nitty gritty details.

Copyright Whip: The Cheap Web Hosting Factor

Registered-Symbol Copyright WhipYou probably aren't a thief. You probably wouldn't walk into a store and steal an object. You probably don't even know that you are doing anything illegal when you share a video clip or music file, right? Well, you may not be doing it directly, but you will still be infringing on copyright law if you do it at all.

So, will you get in trouble if you post something that you don't have legal permission to post? Absolutely. You will get a warning first, though. After the first four warnings, your site will be automatically slowed. Then, you will be fined and your site might be shut down. If you want to appeal that decision, it will cost you $35 and some time in court.

Copyright Whip: How To Avoid Legal Problems

When it comes to movies and music, there's a basic rule that you can follow: don't post it if you don't have permission to post it. It's a simple rule, but it's also one that's confusing given the nature of the Internet. How do you know if you have permission, or how do you get permission to begin with?

The best way to get permission is to contact the owner of content. Or, in the case of movies or video, contact a production company. I know, this is hard to do, but it will save you from the inevitable crack down. For those wondering about adult hosting content, there are rules that apply to that type of content too.

Copyright Whip: The Same Goes for Adult Hosting and Content

First and foremost, you must, must, must, have permission to post any kind of adult content. This means having the permission of a production company. No production company? Get the permission of the actors. Really. Otherwise, you will be facing some legal time.

If you do find yourself facing a fine, and you think you are not guilty, pay that $35 to fix the problem. It is possible to be accused without actually doing anything wrong. Just make sure to point it out. Got questions? Not sure if you are about to be fined? Let me know, and I'll look into the matter for you.

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