Russian Startups Find Safety In The Cloud

Raids are not uncommon in Russia. Government officials can bust into any company at any time. When this happens, anything can be seized – including computers. Companies that store all data on a hard drive often have to scramble for weeks or months before those computers are returned (if they are ever returned). This is a nightmare for any startup. It's also a major setback.

Russian Cloud Russian Startups

Thanks to cloud hosting, Russian entrepreneurs can breathe a bit better. By storing information in the Cloud (often in neighbouring Latvia), Russian entrepreneurs no longer have to wonder where important data has gone after a government lockdown. Additionally, these companies can now cut back on business costs by using the cloud.

Russian Startups: Advantages of the Cloud Often Go Unnoticed

Throughout other parts of the world, cloud computing is often met with a hefty dose of skepticism. Some worry the the cloud is not safe, while others worry that cloud computing doesn't provide users with enough control. For Russian businesses, the cloud is the one way to ensure that a business stays up and running even when circumstances make staying in business difficult.

In addition to keeping data safe from government eyes, Russian startups also use the cloud to keep important information safe from other prying eyes – such as the eyes of competitors. By moving data to an encrypted cloud location, this information stays a secret.

Russian Startups: Cloud for You Too

Not only is the cloud a blessing for Russian startups fearing government raids, the cloud can be a major improvement for the life of any startup regardless of location. No matter where you are, the cloud offers many major benefits.

Not so sure about using the cloud? Just think of all the great thing that the cloud offers. Secure data, a place to store information that isn't impacted by hardware problems, and someone that keeps your company secrets safe. Why not mix it up and add some cloud to your company? Got questions about the cloud? I'm happy to answer them!

Hosting in Russia

The law forces foreign companies to keep the data of Russian citizens on servers located in Russia.

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In May 2019, Russia's ‘internet sovereignty law' or ‘disconnect from the internet' got approved by Russian President Putin. It grants the Kremlin government the ability to disconnect Russia's cyberspace from the global internet in the event of a national emergency or foreign threat, such as a cyberattack.

Russia's firewall model centralizes internet/ISP's traffic re-route through the country's telecoms regulator special servers, akin to a country-wide intranet RuNet, managed by the Roskomnadzor.

These servers would act as kill-switches and disconnect Russia from external connections. The ISPs would install deep-packet inspection equipment on their networks and force them to re-route all internet traffic through Roskomnadzor strategic chokepoints.

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