Google Ramps Up Its Web Hosting Options

When you think of cheap web hosting, what do you think of? Most of the time, that question is met with one of two responses: Amazon or Rackspace. Sometimes, GoDaddy also makes the cut. Did you know that Google offers hosting too? Google's two hosting services include App Engine (hosting for apps) and Compute Engine (a direct Amazon competitor). Today, Google has announced some updates to both of these services.

Today, Google has opened up Compute Engine to all developers, in true Google style. Google has also added PHP support to App Engine. These are two significant updates that you'll want to know about if you're in the process of selecting a cheap web hosting company.

Compute Engine: Now Open to All

When Google announced the arrival of Compute Engine last year, the company only opened up Compute Engine to a small number of developers. But, Google being Google has decided to let all developers take a shot at Compute Engine. This is often how Google further develops the company's many products. Anyone that wants to test out Compute Engine can now do so.

Google also added an increase to the size of disks that developers have access to. These disks expanded from 10TB to 1.2TB. Google has also introduced a new cloud hosting offering called Cloud Datastore that is going to give Amazon's hosting offerings some serious competition.

Google Ramps Up Its Web Hosting Options: App Engine Updates

Google's updates to App Engine include the addition of PHP. Formerly, the service only supported Python, Java, and Google's Go Language. This means that App Engine can now support things like WordPress through PHP. So, these are some massive changes from Google. Change that will, no doubt, give Google some new web hosting clients.

Now, when you think of web hosting companies, you may start to add Google to that list of companies offering the best shared hosting, direct hosting, or cloud hosting. Will you consider Google now that the company has upped the cloud ante.

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