GoDaddy Goes On Major Hiring Spree

GoDaddy is known for all kinds of things. Cheap web hosting, shared web hosting, outrageous ad campaigns, some legal matters, and plenty of other good and bad publicity. Now, the famed web hosting company is going on a major hiring spree. GoDaddy Goes On Major Hiring Spree

Sources say that GoDaddy has just hired 50 engineering and product professionals. Further, GoDaddy is building a brand new facility in Arizona that will require more than 300 new employees. GoDaddy might single-handedly boost the economy! Well, maybe not, but it's still a lot of new jobs for a lot of people.

GoDaddy Goes On Major Hiring Spree: Poaching and More

GoDaddy is known for poaching engineers and other specialists from companies like Ebay, Google, and Microsoft. So, it won't come as much of a surprise if the cheap web hosting company goes after some new hires from existing companies in order to man the massive Arizona facility.

Poaching is the name of the tech game, and GoDaddy does it well. Aside from poaching, though, GoDaddy is really going to give the Arizona economy a boost by building the new facility, and the web hosting company is also going to give itself a good name — after all, what bad PR can possibly come from providing more than 300 jobs?

GoDaddy Goes On Major Hiring Spree: Why GoDaddy Is Building and Hiring

Why would GoDaddy put so much money into building and hiring? The company wants to expand its small business division. By offering small businesses services such as social networking and other features, GoDaddy can effectively expand its operations.

The company has also told press that its working on a “smarter domain registration” process. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but it might mean that you can get really original domain names from GoDaddy in the near future, or, maybe, better domain names. We have lots of material on this site about domain name selections, like this article, so make sure to read through our posts first.

GoDaddy Goes On Major Hiring Spree: How You Can Work for GoDaddy

How can you get in on GoDaddy's hiring phase? Check out the GoDaddy main website to see all of the positions that this company is looking to fill. That massive new facility in Arizona will be filling up quickly, so it's best to send in your resume and cover letter now.

Will GoDaddy sweep the web hosting market with its new expansion plans? Has the company chosen the right engineers to poach? Let's see what happens!

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