Best States for New Business Growth

Aside from choosing between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting, what do you need to consider before you launch a business? Whether online or brick and mortar, attempting to set up shop in the wrong state might hurt your chances. Really? Really. You see, some states support entrepreneurs far more than others.states imgmap New Business Growth

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has just released the 4th annual Enterprising States Report. This report includes every state, and lets entrepreneurs know which states are the most supportive startup-wise / New Business Growth. How does your state rank? Here's the list of the top five states in USA for new business.

Best States for New Business Growth: New Business State Rankings

1. Maryland. What makes Maryland so popular? This state offers both a program for young entrepreneurs and for businesses run by women. Live in Maryland? It's a great place to be if you are starting a business!

2. Colorado. Over the past few years, Colorado has become the place for tech startups / New Business Growth . A booming economy and lots of great tech jobs await you in Colorado.

3. Virginia. Not only is it home to the CIA, Virgina also has the Center for Innovative Technology. This center has been around since 1985, and it exists solely to boost the tech startup sector.

4. Utah. Science and technology are both boosted in Utah thanks to the Utah Science, Technology, and Research Initiative, which exists to turn university programs at the state level into businesses — an amazing idea.

5. Massachusetts. The Mass state legislature passed a bill in 2012 that provides $1 million to paid startup internships and $1 million for a unique program that provides entrepreneurs with mentors. The mentoring program also includes vital information on how to gain funding.

Best States for New Business Growth: How Does Your State Rank?

Most of the states on this list aren't nearly as impressive as the five listed above. But, you can find out how your state ranks by visiting the US Chamber of Commerce website. The site includes an interactive state map. When you click on your state, you will see stats related to the startup atmosphere within that state.

My home state, New Hampshire, ranks 34th. How about yours? Many states are also in the process of building up startup programs, injecting money into new business / New Business Growth, and helping out entrepreneurs, so your state might not have made the cut just yet. Before you move to any of the states listed above, though, be sure to check out our information on shared hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Why? A business can't survive today with a website, and you'll want to choose the best hosting option to go along with it.

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