Just ask marketing and communications company JWT. This company just rebranded chemotherapy. That's right, for sick kids at a children's hospital in Sao Paolo, Brazil, chemotherapy is now known as ‘Superformula

Further, each Superformula kit is now decked out in a superhero log (Batman, Superman…). The idea is to provide kids with hope by letting them think that they are getting something special, and not just a regular dose of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy Superformula

Why does it matter? Chemotherapy is a scary word that comes with all kinds of pain. That pain might be more manageable if a child can imagine that it's a super formula developed just for them.

You can apply the same rebranding techniques that JWT has used for sick kids in Brazil to your product, service, or business if the original name you came up with isn't working out as well as you had planned.

Chemotherapy Name Change: When To Rebrand

You first have to ask yourself some questions.

1. Does my brand give off the wrong impression?
2. What am I trying to achieve with rebranding?
3. Is my brand now associated with something negative?
4. Will my rebrand be unique?
5. How will I let my clients know?

You also have to be prepared for the worst. Some companies that have failed at rebranding in the past come to mind, like GAP and AOL.


If you really feel that your brand isn't working, you can use a rebrand to change your image. You can turn chemotherapy into superformula; reinvent your logo; and change your website information. Just make sure that your clients follow. What do you do if your customers hate your rebranding attempt? Do what GAP did a few years ago and go back to the original.

For some companies, rebranding is that new breath of fresh air that was needed. For other companies, rebranding can incite some angry words from long-time clients – either way, it's good PR. Are you ready to rebrand? Got a rebranding success story? Share with us below!

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