Database Server Management

You are searching for the tool to provide you with a better way to monitor and manage the performance of your database servers, something offering you a higher level of control. One solution: SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor. Extensible Monitoring Database Server Management

Download the Server & Application Monitor from SolarWinds, and you have the power to alert, monitor, report, and manage your servers. It is a breeze to use, highly affordable, and supports various hardware such as Dell, IBM System x, and HP, as well as underlying hardware for VMware hosts. In minutes, you can implement monitors for custom applications, as well as deploy new application monitors thanks to the built-in support for over 150 different applications!

Database Server Management: Benefits and Features

  • Highly Scalable – The SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor software can be used by businesses of all sizes. Various enterprise extensions enable distributed polling, bringing collective visibility into networks distributed geographically. This helps the business reduce software, hardware, and labor costs by relying on a consolidated solution. The Enterprise Operations Console helps combine multiple server instances, giving you one interactive dashboard through which you can access servers and applications across your entire enterprise.
  • LUCID Web Interface. The interface allows you to locate performance problems quickly. You can view capacity, performance, and trends in simple to use, customized dashboards. The LUCID interface is based on five attributes to simplify server and application troubleshooting: LOGICAL (gives you performance information in a logical manner to enable you to make informed decisions in a timely manner, presenting the information accurately); USEABLE (gives you a wealth of information in each view while keeping the interface highly useable, with administrator tasks designed to give you the power to maintain the system in a few clicks); CUSTOMIZABLE (customize resources, rearrange web resources, top 10 views, and modify time period for your specific environment, and customize maps to help you find performance problems quickly); INTERACTIVE (application and server's latest performance indicators are automatically updated, letting you figure out whether issues will arise that could impact users quickly); DRILL-DOWN (see details on every server, application, status link, and performance indicator by easily drilling into hot performance indicators).
  • Server Management/Monitoring for Various Hardware Vendors – Not only can you see the health and performance of your applications and virtual infrastructure, you can keep an eye on hardware health for many vendors. The Server & Application Monitor works with your Dell PowerEdge, HP ProLiant, IBM System x, VMware ESX/ESXi, and server blade chassis servers with SNMP, WMI, CIM, and VMware API protocols.
  • Application Monitoring – This software takes advantage of out-of-the-box application monitors for over 150 different applications: OS, directory server, email server, messaging protocol, authentication server, application platform, and SSL monitors, just to name a few.
  • Fixing Server Performance Problems – With build-in actions like starting and stopping services, rebooting servers, and killing processes, Server & Application Monitor gives you the ability to take care of any problems that come your way.
  • Custom Applications & Script Monitoring – The software allows you to monitor your custom applications, like component monitors for services, ports, processes, scripts, WMI performance counters, and scripts from 3rd party open-source monitoring tools like Nagios. You can schedule, run, report, and receive alerts on your custom Linux, Windows, or UNIX scripts.
  • Quick Deployment – You can do this yourself, and in mere minutes! How? Automated discovery of servers and applications make it possible, along with automated assignment of monitoring templates. This means you could do this yourself, and it won't take the entire day!

If you're looking for a way to keep an eye on your database servers without the need for a database administrator, this is a great tool.

Would you consider managing your own database servers, or are you afraid it would be too complex? Would you give the SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor a try?

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