Internet Is 20 Today

It was 20-years ago today that the World Wide Web was born. Can you believe that? The Internet is just 20-years old. The World Wide Web was first put into action on April 30th, 1993. Concepts like adult hosting and specialty hosting didn't come into play until much later.

Internet Is 20 TodayWho created the web? Well, a man by the name of Tim Berners-Lee had a lot to do with it. Lee created those codes we know today at HTML, URL, and HTTP. Where would we be without Tim Berners-Lee? Probably still writing letters instead of emails, and, you know, actually meeting people face-to-face. Imagine!

Internet Is 20 Today: How Far the Web Has Come

Berners-Lee began toying with the idea of the Internet back in the early '90's. When the World Wide Web (www) finally arrived, it really wasn't taken seriously at all (about as seriously as adult hosting companies!). Many people laughed off the concept of the Internet, and told Lee that it would never work.

Obviously, those early naysayers weren't right. The web did take off – no, exploded – and it's still with us today. In fact, we're far more addicted to the Internet today than we ever were before. Can you imagine living without the Internet? Wouldn't that be crazy? Almost as crazy as living with dial-up!

Internet Is 20 Today: An Even Crazier Idea

To really grasp the concept of the Internet, Berner-Lee's plans, and things like cheap hosting, you have to (have to!) check out Lee's original website. This site will completely blow your mind. Here's the link.

I'm betting Berners-Lee didn't have phishing and other hack attacks in mind when he built the web, but that's just how things go when something like the Internet gets so big so fast! The next time that you head to that cheap hosting site or look for information on the Internet, think of Berners-Lee.

Internet Is 20 Today: Marking the Occasion

Amazingly, the birth of the Internet has not been celebrated across the web today. Even Google hasn't created a Doodle – how the heck did that happen? Regardless, we, at Ananova, know just how amazing the Internet is. So, let this article mark the forming of the World Wide Web as we know it. Because, well, we couldn't live without it.

Want to say ‘Happy Birthday' to the Internet? Sound off below!

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