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Zipcloud Company introduction

zipcloudThe Zipcloud Cloud hosting company is company that is based in the U.K. And the U.S. And offers cloud computing services to people from all over the world. Their cloud hosting services are among the best in the industry as it offers safe, secure and better yet simple cloud hosting. They are 100% compatible with Windows 7, Windows 2000, XP and Vista, and Mac OS 10.5 + along with support of the iPhone,iPad, Android nad Blackberry to top it all up.  It was founded back in 2011 and is located in novi, Michigan in the U.S.

Zipcloud Reputation

Zipcloud has a great reputation as a reliable and well performing cloud computing company. They offer the best, most secure, safest and simplicity in use of their cloud computing services. Furthermore they support various platforms thus more variety for their users.

Zipcloud Features

The company offers simple and secure cloud hosting services and cloud storage for their clients' music, photos, videos and so much more. It basically allows you to back up your whole life.Clients further enjoy an unlimited amount of cloud storage from the company and thus they are not limited in terms of the number of files that you can store on the cloud. On top of that, Zipcloud gives priority to the privacy and the security of their clients data and information above all else and that is why they encrypt the customers files constantly with  a 256 bit secured socket layer encryption, similar to that used in banks.  Furthermore, the services that the company offers are completely automated and thus they automatically sync up their clients computers to a schedule suitable for the clients. They use an online control panel thus allowing their clients to access their backed up files and synced files from any device as long as it has internet connection, for instance, Smart Phones, tablets, PC's, laptops and desktops. With Zip Cloud clients have the option of sharing folders and files through Twitter, email or Facebook. It also makes the collaboration of files very easy along with the option of conveniently sharing large files.

Zipcloud Performance

Their hosting services are quite well performing as they offer great privacy and security for their clients data. They are also very easy to use and thus clients can easily get what they need from the company. On top of that, ZipCloud works with some of the leaders in the hosting industry such as Rack space, Just

Zipcloud Reliability

The company's data centers are constantly monitored in a bid to promote the security of the clients data and thus have their data centers well equipped and better yet monitored 24/7 along with a 256 bit locked secured encryption for better data protection. Customer care desk at Zipcloud are always ready and willing to help the clients out.

Zipcloud Support/Customer Service

The company's customer care desk is available throughout the day and night to cater for their clients needs via e-mail, live chat and they also offer telephone support so that clients are well looked after.

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