SugarSync Company introduction

sugarsyncSugarSync was started back in the year 2008 and has continued to grow over the years such that until today, it is the most preferred cloud services provider in the industry and works with the World's largest branch such as: Lenovo, San disk, Best Buy, France Telecom-Orange, Korea Telecom just to mention a few. It is among the most trusted online backup cloud services in the industry and has been since it was started several years ago.

SugarSync Reputation

SugarSync is reputed all through the industry as a provider of quality cloud computing services all over the world. More so, SugarSync works in collaboration with renown brands in the world as it services are among the best in the industry. It is among the best cloud computing solutions in the industry thus is very preferred for those looking for excellent cloud computing solutions.

SugarSync Features

SugarSync offer clients simplicity in the use of this service, along with security of clients data and versatility in its use. Clients can also access their data from whichever part of the world on is in as long as the device that he/she uses is Internet enabled. Some of the basic features of SugarSync include backup, file sharing and storage along with Syncing multiple devices, online backup, online storage, remote access, support of mobile Apps from the most highly recognized OS in the mobile industry, that is, Symbian, Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and even Windows Mobile. SugarSync also offer their clients security and protection of their data online along with many others.

Furthermore, they offer a streamlined interface which ensures that clients get ease of use along with easy navigation. They use powerful technology that allows one to access, sync and share files, music, folder, movies and so forth across computers and devices..

SugarSync Performance

This cloud drive employs the use of powerful technology which ensures that the cloud computing services they offer are of the best quality. It furthermore lets clients specify the files and folders on the desk top that you want synced across various computers and devices, therefore there is no need to drag and drop files onto a default sync folder. Basically, the performance of SugarSync cloud computing services is exceptional thus ensures that the services that they offers are reliable. It is thus a preferred choice for those looking for great cloud computing services.

SugarSync Reliability

SugarSync cloud offers a variety of services, from file syncing, online, storage, backup and sharing and so forth thus ensuring that clients can get all their cloud computing needs at one stop. On top of that the ease of use along with the accessibility of files from any part of the world is also a plus.

SugarSync Support/ Customer service

In case of any technical problems, clients who use SugarSync cloud drive can reach the company's technical support and customer care support throughout the day and the night all year round.

SugarSync is the best solution which provides users with security, versatility and some powerful tools which are unique in doing the programs. The main speciality is its simplicity and it offers a streamlined interface which makes navigation of all the features and ease of use.

While many of the services we reviewed sync to a single default folder, SugarSync conveniently lets you specify which existing folders on your desktop you want synced across your various computers and devices; there’s no need to drag-and-drop files into a default sync folder.

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