Lessons to be Learned from Healthcare .gov

Lessons to be Learned from Healthcare .gov Are we really going to revisit the Healthcare . gov fiasco? We are. Why? Because there are fundamental lessons to be learned from this mess, and lessons to be learned from all possible angles. Lessons to be Learned from Healthcare .gov: Assuming Is Never A Good Thing The… Read More

The U.S. Government Changes Web Hosts

Government Changes Web Hosts Did you ever wonder what company was behind the U.S. Government’s health care website disaster? What company does the government use to host this healthcare site? Well, that information has been leaked. Today, the U.S. Government signed a deal with Hewlett-Packard to replace Verizon. That’s right, the current company the government… Read More

U.S. Government Implements Employee Tracking Program

Employee Tracking Program Governments want to avoid Snowden incidents for obvious reasons. But how do you crackdown on something that was supposed to already be locked down? If you’re running the U.S. Army, you take drastic measures, that’s how. The U.S. Army is creating a new internal network called ‘Army Network 2020′ that makes it… Read More

Yahoo to Sell Off Massive List of Domain Names

Marissa Mayer has been making huge strides over at Yahoo. Since her first day began, Mayer has been in press spotlight. This week, Mayer did something that’s somewhat unusual but makes a lot of sense as far as Yahoo’s business goes. What did Mayer do? She’s selling off a whole bunch of domain names that… Read More

Massive Fire Destroys Part of Internet Archives

Fire Destroys Part of Internet Archives The Internet Archive was started in 1996 in order to store all kinds of digital information. Information such as software, movies, sites, and more is kept at the archive’s headquarters in San Francisco. Last night, a massive fire has completely obliterated $600,000 worth of digital equipment. Thankfully, most of… Read More