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WebServeThe WebServe web hosting company was formed back in 1999 to offer web hosting services to Canadians and clients from the world over. The company aims at providing the best quality web hosting services to their clients all over the world be it for business or personal use, at an affordable price. The company offers their clients feature rich hosting using the best quality hardware there is available in the market which ensures that the clients' needs are well catered for.


Webserve has a reputation in offering their clients with the best quality of web hosting services for business or even personal use and more so at an affordable price. The company has been known to be a leader in the hosting industry from its inception in 1999 ,with feature rich hosting and affordable hosting to their clients.


WebServe web hosting company offers Unix and Windows based hosting to their clients. Webserve offers their clients several types of services, ranging from shared hosting to dedicated hosting to Window/Unix hosting to VPS hosting . All these are designed to broaden the choices that any given client can choose from. Some of the features that customers get from the company include an unlimited number of e-mail accounts, 1200MB disk space, 1000GB data transfer and hosting on ten web sites on Reseller Hosting NT10. On the Reseller hosting NT 20, users get 2400MB disk space, unlimited data transfer and e-mail accounts and hosting for up to 20 web sites. On top of these,all the Canadian reseller hosting for NT Windows 2003 have the following features: MySQL, CGI, PHP Cold Fusion MX ASP, ASP.NET, Windows 2003 IIS 6, FrontPage, MS SQL, ODBC, MS Access among many more. All these look to offer clients a great hosting experience at WebServe web hosting company.


Thanks to WebServe employing the best technology in the industry, they have been able to offer their clients great hosting services. On top of that, they use the c Panel control panel which is the best in the industry and is very easy to use as it has a very friendly user interface. The working of the WebServe web hosting company services is very slow as even 7 days after paying up and setting a plan it still is not up and running. Thus they are very slow. Their network up time, regardless of how much it is advertised to be up to 99.9%, does not live up to the clients' expectations. Worse still is the unavailable technical support that clients need to be at their disposal round the clock to ensure smooth running.


WebServe web hosting company has proven to be a highly dependable web hosting company due to the advanced technology that they employ along with their hosting which is feature rich. The company more so employs use of the number one control panel, c Panel which is the best and is very easy to use thanks to its user friendly interface. On top of that, even after setting up a plan that has been paid for, 7 days later, it is not yet up and running which is quite disappointing.

Customer Support / Service

Clients at Webserve web hosting benefit from several aspects of the company such as the fact that WebServe uses highly advanced equipment to offer services to their clients. On top of that, their web hosting services are full of features to ensure that their clients get an unforgettable experience at Webserve web hosting. Their technical support team is especially disappointing as they are not easily reached.

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