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Company Introduction

backupgenieBackUpGenie is a company that offers cloud hosting services. They are fully automated and allow for clients to access their data from anywhere in the orld as well as sync it with other computers and also share the data with others. The company, located in Hampshire, UK, was founded back in 2011 and operates from 4 data centers across the world to cater for the clients needs.

Company Specifications
Multiple Computers Yes
Automated Backups Yes
Scheduled Backups Yes
File Sharing Yes
Sync Space Yes
Encrypted Yes
Full Computer Restore Yes


BackUpgenie is a reputed company in the industry as it offers clients a safe and secure way through which they can sync, back up, store and even share their data from anywhere in the world. The company is also known for its simplicity in use and rich features along with outstanding security measures that have been put in place.

BackupGenie is one of the leading online backup providers available in the industry nowadays that’s why we have prepared a very detailed Backupgenie review. With BackupGenie you can set the auto backup, which regularly backups all the altered files on your hard drive without any annoying prompts falling out of nowhere.

There is multiple device synchronization available for the customers along with file and folder sharing feature. The safety of your data is ensured with Amazon S3 cutting-edge servers that are almost impossible to hack. All the transferred data is encrypted and stored in various locations around the whole world, so your information is not available for any third-parties. Read Backup Genie review and find out what makes this company so great.


Backupgenie has three hosting plans from which customers can choose: the 75GB plan which goes for $4.49 each month while there is a 250 GB plan that is very common among users from various parts of the world and costs just $6.95 per month. The unlimited hosting plan on the other hand is available for as little as $ 9.95 each month. On all the plans mentioned above, the clients get a 30 day money back guarantee if they are unsatisfied with the services that the company offers. The company further allows for file transfers, scheduled backups, multiple computers, automated backups, full computer restore among many other features that make it a company to reckon with in the industry. They are fully automated and thus clients are not expected to do anything, just set up and then the online data back up system will take care of everything else.

Packages and Costs

  1. 75 GB plan for $4.49 a month.
  2. 250 GB plan for $6.95 a month. This plan is the most popular among users from all over the world.
  3. Unlimited storage is available for $9.95 a month.

Each plan mentioned above comes along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if within 30 days you will feel like it is not quite what you were looking for, you can cancel the plan with no doubt. The only thing you will be asked for before you'll cancel the account is to answer a few questions in order to help BackupGenie to improve the service.


BackUpGenie performs quite well in online data back up as it simply allows clients to sync, back up and share their data in a safe and secure manner. On top of that, the feature that is offers go a long way in ensuring that simplicity in use is maintained and all the while there is good performance and safety along with a variety of features to cater to the vast client base.


Well, the features the company offers their clients are proof of how reliable their services are. Clients are also able to back up their data safely as well as share it and even sync it to a remote computer among many other things. This ensures the clients get the best out of the company.

Customer Service

The company has a customer care desk and a technical team that can be reached throughout the day and night, all year round to cater for the varying needs of the clients. 24/7, the company offers platinum technical support to their clients, thus excellent customer care as they believe that the customer is the most crucial aspect in their company thus should be placed first.

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