Company Introduction

thiswebhostThiswebhost is a company that offers hosting services. It was started in 2008 to offer high quality and dependable shared hosting services to clients. The company looks to offer their clients high quality web hosting services that are affordable and that all the clients can depend on throughout. Thiswebhost has been able to maintain a position among the leaders in the web hosting industry by giving their clients great web hosting services that are reliable and dependable. Throughout the years since it was started, the company can continued growing at a fast and solid pace and maintaining their clients throughout the world.


Since it was started back in 2008, the company has been steadily growing at a fast and solid pace which has ensured that they are among the industry leaders in the web hosting industry. The company is also renowned in providing speedy services,support and stability along with dependable hosting services to their clients.


Thiswebhost web hosting company employs the use of the c Panel 11 which is the best and most preferred control panel. This control panel has a user friendly interface which makes it very easy to use. The company offers 5 types of hosting plans or rather packages that users can choose from: the starter/ blog, the standard package, the medium, large and ultra hosting package. These packages vary in terms of the features that they offer but they have several similarities such as Softaculous and RV-website builder and a free instant set up. On the standard, medium, large and ultra hosting packages, users are entitled to an unlimited umber of sub/add on domains, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited e-mail addresses. On top of that, all these plans all have access to SSH.


Generally, the performance of Thiswebhost web hosting services is great and so far there are no major complains. Their network uptime is fantastic and very reliable more so at 99.9%. By using the best and highest quality hardware in the market ensures that clients are well catered for and that the services they offer are of high quality and more so they do not disappoint clients. By backing up their clients work on a daily basis on an off site, the clients are ensured that regardless of what happens, they wont lose their data. More so, the company's hosting is dependable and the speeds at which their hosting works is indisputable. Without a doubt, Thiswebhost web hosting services are among the best in the hosting industry even though the company has not been in the industry that long. In terms of performance,Thiswebhost web hosting company will never let you down.


Thiswebhost web hosting company employs the use of only the best and high quality hardware in the market. On top of that, the staff employed at Thiswebhost are the best there are and are highly skilled and trained in the field. Clients can relax as the company backs up all the day in a day, off site to ensure that clients needs are adequately catered for. Thiswebhost web hosting company offers various hosting packages which are designed so that they can cater for the various types of clients.

Customer Support / Service

Thiswebhost web hosting company that values their clients and thus look to make sure that their clients needs are well catered for, all round the clock. Customer support is a very important part of any company since the clients are the ones who make the company. Thiswebhost ensures that their clients are happy and can access all the technical support that they may require from them.

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