Top SSL certificate providers

secured SSL Certificate Providers price guarantee uptime-guaranteeIf you are running an eCommerce business, it is of vital importance that your customers feel comfortable in giving you their credit card information. Using SSL is a common way to ensure such security.

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  • Single Website SSL
    @ $62.99/Yr
  • Multiple Website SSL
    @ $134.99/Yr
  • Wildcard SSL
    @ $269.99/Yr
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  • EV SSL
    @ $99.00/Yr
  • EV Multi-Domain SSL
    @ $235.38/Yr
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  • Rapid SSL
    @ $12.99/Yr
  • Rapid SSL Wildcard
    @ $124.00/yr
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  • Thawte SSL 123
    @ $45.00/yr
  • Thawte SSL Web
    Server with EV
    @ $156.50/Yr
  • Thawte Wildcard
    SSL Certificate
    @ $349.00/Yr
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  • Secure Site
    @ $274.00/Yr
  • Secure Site
    Pro with EV
    @ $1049.00/Yr
  • Secure Site
    @ $1582.67/Yr
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  • QuickSSL Premium
    @ $65.00/Yr
  • True BusinessID
    with EV
    @ $149.00/Yr
  • True BusinessID
    @ $366.33/Yr
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Top SSL certificate providers

For companies that deal with e-commerce, SSL certification is very important in making customers feel safe and secure when giving out their details to the company. Thus there are company that make it their primary duty to  offer SSL certification to their clients thus promoting safe transactions online. There  are two hosting companies that are leading in offering their clients SSL solutions; Go daddy web hosting company and Comodo

The best SSL certificate providers in the industry is the Go daddy  web hosting company. This company was founded in 1997 and is the largest registrar of domain names and web hosting provider in the world. Go Daddy web hosting company offers two main types of SSL certifications; the Standard SSL and the deluxe SSL, both of which come with a free Malware Scanner. The Standard SSL verifies the client's domain and secures one's sites thus ensuring that a client's domain is validated. It also comes with a warranty of Rs 558,659 and on top of that is easily issues within a few minutes. The deluxe SSL on the other hand ensures that a client's domain and company are validated and offers high assurance by verify the company and the domain that their clients use. It also comes with a warranty of Rs 8, 379,888 along with a free Malware Scanner and better yet supports Intel vPro technology which helps to manage remote PC's securely these are but some of the reasons that make Go Daddy a leader in SSL Certificate Providers to their clients. Clients at Go daddy further receive round the clock expert telephone support, get IDN support, a verification seal, SAN(UCC) support, an installation and a warranty among many other features.

SSL Certificate Providers: Comodo SSL store hosting company  is located in St. Petersburg in Florida in the U.S and has since inception bred a great reputation among the best and trusted web hosts offering SSL certifications and thus allowing customers who run e-commerce sites to transact safely with their clients and thus promoting professionalism.  They among the world's largest SSL Certificate Providers.The Comodo web hosting company is another company that is leading among the top SSL providers and its features are; an immediate validation and issuance of an SSL certificate and up to 2048 signatures with translates to 256 bit encryption a free Trust Logo boost conversion along with a warranty of $ 250,000 and a  30 day money backguarantee in unsatisfied with the company's services. On top of that clients get an unlimited number of server licenses, is trusted by up to 99.9% of browsers and offers industry leading and expert support to help their clients with any issues that may occur. The company offers a variety of SSL certificates, from EV SSL certificates to Standard SSL certificates, Wild card Ssl certificates, SGC certificates, SAN  certificates among many others. This SSL Certificate Providers company aims at offering secure and safe hosting services along with a variety of certifications to their clients.

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