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Top Domain Registrars

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Top Domain Registrars

price guarantee top Domain Registrars uptime-guaranteeBrowsing through the internet, one nearly enters the unending myriad of .in, .edu, .gov, .com, .net, .org, .biz and what not! Each day, we come across multiple sites designed perfectly to cater to multitudinous needs of social networking, mailing, e-commerce etc.

Let's see the listing of Top Domain registrars in the market

Best Cheap Top Domain Registrars / Providers

But it actually takes a bit more to host a website over the internet than just the content and design. One needs to get it registered with an organization known as domain registrars that manage the allocation of several domain names makes easy to Find Domains.

These domain name registrars have to be accredited by certain generic Top Level Domain registries (gTLD) and country code top level domain (ccTLD) registries. These registries maintain a central common database and hold contracts with the registrars that provide domain name registration services to the public. Then the designated registrars are designated to allocate domain names to organizations and companies based on certain conditions and prerequisites. However, certain registrars offer drop catching service at a premium where the preferred names are quickly caught and sold by the registrar to a new customer if the previous domain name owner has not renewed his contract or consciously dropped the domain name.

Top Domain Registrars : Let's see the market share of each company listed above

These registrars have businesses running over billions of rupees and own millions of domain names. Certain top domain registrars brands in India are About Domain Dot Com Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,, Big-Rock Solution Providers Ltd., India-links Web Hosting private Limited, Info-com Network Ltd. , Lead Network Domains Pvt. Ltd. , Net4India Ltd, Net-lynx Inc, Quantum Pages Technologies Private Ltd. among others.

It is imperative to choose a good top domain registrar for making the best use of the acquired domain name. The registration fee varies greatly from company to company as per the degree of convenience, management and free personalized services that the companies provide. Depending on the audience of your website, it is important to choose a provider that provides personalized service in a way that the domain name includes the search keywords that best match the search phrases entered by users while searching over the internet.

It is also advisable to check the cross dependencies of the company with US domain registrars. Once you tie up, be sure to own the name as well as the IP address provided by the registrar. Thus, the choice of the registrar becomes important and critical.

Details about the companies


Number of Domain Names Handled: 36,512,397

GoDaddy is the biggest best domain registrar company. Literally a daddy of the domain name industry! They currently have almost 35 654 055 domain names under them which makes them the most trusted place to buy domain names. Most successful pro-bloggers also register their domain names under GoDaddy.


Total Number of Domain Names Handled: 3,80,0000

Namecheap is a great place to buy domain names. They maintain good prices 24/7 Live Support and a Free WhoIsGuard for the first year on all new domain registrations.

Enom .com

Total Number of Domain Names Handled: 10,13,214

Enom has been listed among the fastest growing top domain registrars. They have the second largest number of domain names registered under them after GoDaddy. Enom Inc. sells domains name via Namecheap.


  • Manish says: registry is celebrating one year anniversary. Company has registered more than 10,000 domain names and still demand is accelerating. Domains name starts from $20-$40. Company has also sold many domain names at a premium cost such as just $25,000. Many companies have registered their domain rather than country code top-level domain. Countries are registering third-level domain extensions like, and have generated the strongest demand for 40% of all registrations have made from UK based companies and organizations.

  • kim says:

    Companies that offer domain registration services are given the mandate under law to allocate domain names to various companies and organizations, under certain conditions. I have been using Go daddy’s domain registration services over the past five years and I cannot complain about the services that they offer. They advertise great services to attract new and potential clients along with retain the already existing ones, which is for sure a great marketing tactic. The company delivers on everything that they advertise.

  • Julliet says:

     I have been using domain registration services from Site ground hosting company for about three years now. I had quite a task when it came to finding a domain registrar that worked for me, so I had to  search all over the web, ask around and see where my friends were getting their services from.

  • mani says:

    Domain registration services are some of the most crucial services that any web host should be able to offer their clients. When selecting a web hosting company to host my web site, I looked for the best registrar of domains as I wanted to work with the best companies only. I am getting my domain registration services from In Motion web hosting company and I have no complains yet about their services..

  • nancy says:

    Sara cost is one of the factors but there are some other aspects such as customer service, account management tools, easy way to transfer domain to other host and what they do after domain expired. But if you are making site just for school project but if you want to continue this site in future then do keep these aspects in mind as it is necessary.

    One more thing I would like to share that if you will take the domain from hosting provider then you will be not getting any hassle in updating name servers.

    If you have any doubts feel free to ask

  • sara.NJ says:

    Hi I am a student and got a project to make one website of 5 to 10 pages but quite confused as I now that I need to buy two services i.e. s Hosting and a domain name after my some research I came to know that I need to go with shared hosting plan and a domain name but I am confused that to whom to choose as cant see any difference rather than cost!

    Is there any other feature I must conceder…

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