Ananova Recognizes the best innovative solution designed to protect networks and other IT systems. Include authentication, firewalls, virtual private networks, encryption, intrusion. Based on the level of security, classified as Endpoint security and antivirus software. The Antivirus software protects an individual device, whereas endpoint security software protects the entire network as well as responsible for self-security.

Best Security Solutions Hosting Providers

Best Security SolutionsThese are the companies in the hosting industry that have created or rather come up with security measures to protect their client web sites. They are virtual private networks, anti-virus products authentication and firewalls among many others. The list of companies below is of those that are the best among those offering security solutions in the web hosing industry. With security measures put in place, client web sites can run well with no theft and complete protection and defense from damage or even theft.

Best Security Solutions SSL Providers

Hosting Amor is the best security provider in the hosting industry so far. The company offers 4 basic plans: the basic plan which come with 35 scans every month, the security hosting plan which has 100 scans monthly, the security plus plan that entitles clients to 250 scans each month and finally the security max plan which entitles users to have up to 1000 scans every month. This way clients can choose whichever hosting plan best suits them

They also offer their clients features such as: offering defense from Google blacklisting, offers clients protection against any kind of web site defacement, protect visitors to client web sites  and better yet protects clients from corporate or consumer theft of data. The company further takes it upon themselves to give alerts when there are outdated applications which help prevent hackers from getting to client web sites.

Comodo is next in the list of the best security providers. Some of the basic features that the company offers their clients are Hardening and optimization along with system security. It also has Backend software support and also upgrades. On top of that the company can adequately deal with any technical issues pertaining to the c panel control panel or WHM and is also PCI compliant. This company offers various certifications that allow client web sites to work securely. These certifications include:Positive SSL certificates, a Comodo SSL certificate and and essential SSL certificate. All these certificates that the company gives clients are bent on improving the security in the working of the client websites. Some high assurance certificates that they offer are: Elite SSL Certificate,Instant SSL Premium,Instant SSL Pro,Intranet SSL and the Instant SSL certificate. On top of that clients are entitled to round the clock technical and customer support to ensure that their needs are adequately catered for.

uptime guaranteeprice guaranteesslSSL Store is the final company in this list as it has been seen through research that the hosting services that it offers offer out standing security features for their clients web sites. The company offers  customers a guaranteed 30 day money back guarantee that ensures that they get their money back in case they are dissatisfied with services. The company works with only the most trusted brands that are known all over the world, more so, they offer management that is very fast and simple for clients to use. The company also offers quite affordable prices that suit the clients needs. They also offer various certifications such as standard SSL certificates ,high assurance certificates and much more. These measures are all put in place as the company places the clients web sites security as the most important thing. It is also free to sign up at the company which currently offers the best prices in the industry,with neither contracts or commitments from the clients needed. They more so offer on line marketing and sales tools along with free white branded storefront and integration solutions. Clients are further entitled to 24/7 support via telephone or live chat.

Company Name Features Security Plans
hosting armor * Defend Against Google Blacklisting
* Protect Your Visitors
* Protect Against Consumer and Corporate Data Theft
* Protect Against Website Defacement
* Basic @ $14.99 /mo.
* Security @ $39.99 /mo.
* Security Plus @ $95.99 /mo.
* Security Max @ $319.99 /mo.
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Comodo * Backend Server Software Support and Upgrades
* WHM/CPanel Technical Issues
* System Security, Optimization and Hardening
* PCI Compliance
* Advanced Antivirus protection @ $14.99 /year
* Internet Security Complete @ $39.99 /year
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SSL Store * Anytime support
* Product diversity
* Unbeatable pricing
* Best Enterprise Program
* Secure Site Pro with EV @ $1049 /year
* Secure Site with EV @ $699 /year
* GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium @ $64 /year
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  • Tahir says:

    I needed to make my clients feel safe when transacting with me. You can never be too careful! I chose from several securities solution providers and got a provider that best suited my needs. My business is smoothly flowing, and I have gotten a large influx of clients thanks to my security solutions. I’m very pleased with the security services that I get from my provider.

  • Haaya says:

    With the looming threat of security issues such as hackers, one can never take too much caution which is why it is advisable for everyone to get security hosting solutions. There are several reliable and reputable providers of security solutions that one can from I chose the one that best suited the needs of my small on line business. I wanted my clients to feel at peace when transacting with me so that we could work knowing that my security was intact, which has really promoted my small business.

  • Jolia says:

     Information or data security is something cannot be ignores specially on Web as there is a threat of hackers and I don’t think there is anyone on web who is unaware with this fact.

    So taking SSL Certificate is not a need but the fact is that it is a necessity as everyone want to be relax and comfortable while sharing information and webmasters also understand that if they want long last existence the customers or visitors information must not be shared at any cost for that best security is required where SSL plays Role in keeping information secure so user can share details on your portal with relax of mind.


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