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Today's era is an era of uncertainty. With increasing uncertainty, and the rapid digitization taking place, the individual and not just the corporate are going digital. Loads of critical information is regularly fed into the computers but who knows next moment the hard drive crashes or suddenly an earthquake hits the area. Here is where the role of online backup provider ropes in.


uptime guaranteeprice-guarantee Online Backup ProvidersWhat is the last time when you clicked a picture with the camera with a roll? When is the last time you listened to your favourite music from a cassette in a tape recorder? The times have changed and so have we. Our mobile phones, desktops and laptops have changed the rules of the game.

At individual level, these devices are brimming with our personal information ranging from digital pictures, downloaded music, our favorite movie collection and what not!

At the corporate level, companies today operate in multiple units across multiple locations and the business processes and flows have purely become digital. A lot of information critical to the business is simply stored in the office desktops.


Thus, creating a back up for our important information becomes important. If the information is manageable, it can be done in a local hard disk but what if a natural disaster occurs and one loses both the device and the hard disk ?

Online service providers are a clear answer to the above asked questions. They create an online copy of our information stored at servers at multiple sites. Thus, the whole information is risked from location contingencies and can be accessed from any other computer over the world with a simple Internet connection!


  • Eliminate the need to maintain bulk CD's and other storage devices
  • Quick Online Backups after short duration's
  • Boon for employees with work from home options
  • Risks of corruption on online storage is less when compared to easy wearing out of CD's
  • Information can be retained for long time

Services Provided

Backup Features:
Automatic Backup: Just download a software
and the rest will be taken
care of automatically
Archiving: Save specific versions in a
file to restore original data
while syncing or backups
Incremental Backups: Save the files whenever
changes are made
File Managers: Organiser files for easy
Versioning: Creates a version every time
the document is saved.
Remote: Ability to access the data
from other location
Mobile: Access backup data through
mobile apps
Level of Encryption: Strong codes protect data
leaks during transfers and
storage at servers.
Multiple Servers: Lost data/corrupted data
at one server can be backed
by intact original copy at
other server
Customer Care: Solve your queries on the
Online Support | Live Chat E-mail us or chat with our
FAQs: We already have answers
to most of your questions
Tutorials: Step by Step procedures
to clear your doubts

Major Players

The major players operating under this category are

MyPCBackup: Package | Key Offer
  • Unlimited : $12.95 per month
  • 75 GB: $ 8.95 per month
  • 250 GB : $ 12.95 per month
  • User Friendly
JustCloud: Package | Key Offer
  • Home 75GB plan : $4.49 /mo. for 2 years (total $107.71)
  • Premium 250GB plan : $4.95 /mo. for 2 years (total $118.85)
  • Unlimited Plan : $6.95 /mo. for 2 years (total $166.85)
  • Synchronise multiple devices
  • Mobile Access
BackupGenie: Package | Key Offer
  • 75 GB : $4.49 /mo.
  • 250 GB : $6.95 /mo.
  • Unlimited plan : $ 9.95 /mo.
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • choice of storage options at very affordable prices.
  • 75GB, 250GB and Unlimited storage plans are all available
Zipcloud: Package | Key Offer
  • 75 GB :$ 4.95 per mo.
  • 250 GB : $ 5.95 per mo.
  • Unlimited : $ 6.95 per mo.
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
BackBlaze: Package | Key Offer
  • $5 /mo. per computer
  • $3.96 for a two year plan
  • $50 for unlimited storage annual plan
  • No file size limits

How to choose

Assess your needs

  • Amount of storage space required : The plans and their prices vary on the plan depending upon the amount of storage space required. Certain providers even provide unlimited space with a discounted monthly or annual subscription.
  • Mandatory and optional features : One must carefully evaluate the must-have features as per his individual requirements or the requirements of the company. Certain features come for free and others are priced at a premium.

Security and Reliability

  • The provider should be reliable n careful handling of your critical data and should have good security encryption mechanisms for the safe transfer of your data.

User Friendliness

  • Choose a provider which provides easy to understand user interface and tools.

Customer Support

  • Stuck somewhere and do not know how to proceed further? A company representative should be accessible to you at every hour and location to guide you on the phone or over the web.

Latest Trends

  • Virtualisation : Providing a virtualisation instance of the server from offsite backup.
  • Application Online Backups: Integration with VM Ware, Hyper – V, Share Point etc.
  • Online Backups to be aware of the hyper visor environment.
  • Upgrading technologies to accommodate the adoption of cloud platforms.
  • Imaging today is only at the level of back up appliance. Needs to be upgraded to online only backup solutions.


  • Data can be hacked if the security systems of the providers have loop holes.
  • Any error in synchronisation may create confusion about the multiple versions of the file.
  • Access becomes difficult if the internet connect is slow or not there at all in emergency.


  • Dr. Douglas Sheft says:

    Rubrik replaces conventional backup and recovery system with converged backup and globally de- duplicated storage in its single-box. Conventional backup method is expensive and complex for new world of IT. Company has stated that customers have to buy one box which has four nodes if they have a small infrastructure. If have large environment, but hundreds of boxes with four nodes but still manage a single system. Researcher IDC has estimated that businesses will spend $47 billion in 2015 on infrastructure to protect data, manage disaster recovery, enable DevOps and archive for compliance and long-term retention.

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