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Name Price Uptime $35.94 /mo 99.9%

mypcbackupMyPCBackup com a top backup website in the industry that offers its clients a secure back up of various files, photos, music,  e-mails and so forth. The company offers back up services to clients  by offering them secure back up of photos, videos and other files.

MyPCBackup Reputation has a good reputation as a host that offers safe and secure back up for clients files and data online and at the same time preventing it from damage and even loss. However, the company has to work on several things such as storage space, security and price so that it can compete with the leaders in back up.

MyPCBackup's Features

The company assures its clients of an online backup for ones PC files, ranging from e-mails, photos, music, videos and even document files. Clients at the company are entitle to an unlimited amount of storage along with a free trial for 14 days, they can also access both single and multiple computer plans depending on what best suits a clients needs. The company's hosting supports a variety of operating systems, ranging from Windows, Windows mobile, android and iPhone and iPad. However it does not support Linux or Mac Os operating systems thus a bit of a limitation for clients looking to use either of these two operating systems. Though not richly endowed with features, clients are able to easily sync up several computers and the company's hosting employs an online control panel and allows for clients to access their files from any where and on any device so long as it is internet enabled which is a plus and is why the company is recommended. Using My PC backup is very easy as one only has to follow just three very easy steps, first join, for free and then download the software and then start backing up immediately.

MyPCBackup Performance

Though is easy to use, it lacks adequate security for their clients’ needs which is very crucial when offering cloud hosting services. SSL security transfer and data encryption are some of the security features that the company offers to ensure that security and clients privacy is maintained. It also has a GEO redundant store among the security features that the company offers.

MyPCBackup Reliability

The company uses an online control panel allowing for clients to get access to their data from anywhere in the world so long as the device that he/she is using is internet enabled. On top of that, it is very easy to use MypCBackup. com as there are only three basic steps to follow in order to start using it. The biggest worry would be whether the security measures taken by the company are adequate to maintain the privacy of the clients files as well as promoting security and safety of these files.

MyPCBackup Customer Service

Clients at MyPC are well catered for in terms of customer service as they can reach the customer care desk in several ways: via live chat, ticketing, e-mail and even telephone. Better yet, the  customers can get assistance from customer care round the clock.

MyPCBackup Plan Specifications

Companies Features:
Price: $4.95 /month
Storage Space: UNLIMITED
Free Trial: 14 Days
Single Computer Plans: Yes
Multi Computer Plans: Yes
Supported Operating Systems: Windows | iPhone/iPad
| Android | Windows Mobile
Order Now: Visit Now
Security Features:
SSL Security Transfer: Yes
Data Encryption: Yes
GEO Redundant Storage: Yes
User Generated Encryption Key: No
Physical Media Restore: Yes
MyPCBackup Support:
Live Chat: Yes
Phone Support: Yes
Ticket System: Yes
Email Support: Yes
FAQ & Knowledge base: Yes
Guides: Yes
Video Tutorials: Yes
Order Now:
Visit Now

top Company overview was founded in 2010 and began offering back up services in June 2011. Since then it has grown to be a leader in offering back up services. Today, they offer automatic backups from many devices. The company gives their users a 14 days free account when they join the company. The company is located in USA. uses a small desktop app, which backs up all users devices to the cloud. Clients files are backed up constantly and users are able to access them from any device and from anywhere in the world.

Performance/Reliability and Uptime report offers clients? excellent uptime with 100% automated backups. Moreover, the company offers very reliable services and has a reliable customer support team available 24/7.The Company?s operations are handled from state of the art data centers to ensure, speed, good performance and reliable services.

Hosting plans offers clients reseller hosting plans and business hosting plans. Reseller hosting from the company operates from 3 plans: the 500GB plan, 1TB plan and 2TB plan.

Business plans from operate in 2 plans: the business plan and the enterprise plan, both of which come with unlimited users accounts, version history and 24/7 phone support among other features. Clients can also pay a small fee to get additional computers and additional space.

Features and Control Panel

Some of the features that offers clients include: multiple computers sync, free cloud back-up, mobile access, encrypted and secures, file versioning, 24/7 telephone customer support, geo-redundant storage, file manager, drag and drop, online control panel, idle backups, selective backups along with many others. Other features include are file version history, 100% automated online backup, sharing of files and folders, access of files from any device, users are also able to locate Lost or Stolen Laptops, network drive support, scheduled backups, hourly backups and team collaboration among others. On top of that, their backup services are compatible with a variety of platforms: Mac, Linux, android, iPhone, Windows 7& 8, Windows Vista, Blackberry app, mobile optimized, Kindle Fire compatible, tablet compatible and iPad app compatible. accepts 3 main payment options from their clients: American Express, PayPal and Visa / MasterCard.

Their services use an online-based control panel.


  • offers 24/7 phone support to their clients
  • The services from the company are top-notch.
  • Back up services from are full of excellent features.
  • Clients at the company get a free account for the first 14-days.


The company does not offer clients a money back guarantee.

Cancellation/Refund Policy does not offer a refund policy; clients do not get a money back guarantee.


Video tutorials, forum support and the referral program are available to offer support to clients. On top of that, customers support team from the company available 24/7 via phone and e-mail to cater to their clients? needs. The FAQ?s section is another support avenue that clients can use to get help from the company.

Conclusion offers excellent back up services to their clients. Moreover, their backs up services are filled with a variety of features, which improve clients? backup experience. The quality of their services is very good and the support team?s availability 24/7 is appealing.

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  • Josaph says:

    Hi all, it’s really easy to install I few minutes you can access your data from anywhere …

    I used it so I can recommend them to others thanks for sharing this information .

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