Future of Transport and Manufacturing

Recently, Forbes published an article about the advantages of cloud manufacturing. In the article titled '10 Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing,' the article touches on the benefits of cloud computing when it comes to manufacturing (efficiency, better connectivity, and other benefits).cloud logistics Future of Transport and Manufacturing

Manufacturing is closely tied with transportation – in fact, the two are largely inseparable. So, it makes sense that more and more transportation companies are reaching for cloud-service solutions too. The cloud has become a competitive place in the transportation world. Here's how logistics is finding its way in the cloud.

Apps Started It All

Cloud-based apps are where it all begin. Transport companies seeking to provide clients with easier communications tools took to the cloud. These apps let clients track and trace shipments while also providing 3PL's with a way to track a load at any time. Even though phone calls are still a part of the logistics world, a lot can be accomplished through a simple cloud app.

There's also a sense of security that comes from providing a client with a way to track loads. Clients can log into any cloud-based program, see where a load is located, and track that load all the way to its destination. Even though this technology was available via consumer shipments (like FedEx) awhile ago, the transport industry is just starting to use cloud-based technology regularly.

Cost Savings

The most important point here is that companies can save lots of money by moving to the cloud. There are no up-front costs to consider, a pay-as-you-go plan is often the case, and the ROI is often fast and high. What's not to love? Aside from cost savings, cloud-based technology provides logistics companies with simple solutions – a vital piece of the logistics field.

Ease and Collaboration

Transportation is a many-headed beast. To get a container from one point to the next takes a lot of work. Numerous parties take part in anyone shipment, and all of these parties are operating completely outside of the main client or business. In other words, clients looking to ship items have to rely on the various parties involved, in different locations, to get a shipment where it needs to go in one piece.

Add to that mix the fact that each party involved uses different programs and technology, and you've got a major mess. Or, you would have a mess if cloud technology didn't exist. With the cloud, those various parties can all log onto the same program in order to collaborate. It's the ultimate solution.

Rapid Scalability

Things change in the transport world as fast as planes fly. The cloud lets any manufacturer change scale as needed at any time.

Fill Orders Fast

On the transport end, companies can look for trucks in a cinch using cloud programs. On the manufacturing end, new orders can be processed and changed in minutes. That's a kind of ease that you can't put a price on.

Clarity: Future of Transport and Manufacturing

Lastly, clarity makes shipping items simpler. Manufacturers can see where things are going, brokers can track those items and fix problems, and truckers can check in using cloud software. Clearly, the cloud is the future of transportation. Got something to add? Sound off below!

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