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Keywords go both ways. On the one hand, keywords can be a useful thing. On the other hand, they are also temperamental. If you use keywords wrong, Google will punish you. It's a carefully balanced world, the world of keywords, and that balance often includes knowing where to put keywords.

cheap web hosting keywordsKeywords can, of course, be added to blog post text. But, you can also add these words and phrases to any image / photograph that you place on your blog. If the cheap hosting provider you're using has given you a handy template, you can simply add these words to a photograph – the same goes for any WordPress blog (just click on the photo and select “advanced features”).

Where do you put those words and how should you write them? Here are some reliable tips.

Adding Keywords to Photographs

1. Add keywords to Alt-Tag images. Each photo that you upload will come with the option of adding a keyword to that image via Alt-Tag. This is the tag that appears if someone cannot load a photograph on your site. Instead of seeing that photo, a person will see the words that you've included with a photo. Google also crawls these tags in order to see what keywords you've used.

2. Describe a photo precisely. When adding keywords to photographs, make sure that you are really describing the picture. Don't just add “cheap hosting site” to a photograph of a cat because that phrase happens to be your keyword. Describe the cat using your keywords. This will appease Google while also making it simpler for your readers to understand a photo.

3. Add location information. You can add location details to a photograph using the [STATE], [LOCATION] tags. Sometimes, specific location details matter when it comes to site rankings.

4. Add keywords to file names. Don't just use the file name that comes with a picture. Use your keywords to name files – just remember to put a dash or underscore in the file name too.

Other Keyword Tips and Tricks

Most people forget about adding keywords to blog photographs, but this is a mistake. Photos are part of your blog, right? Anything that goes on your site should have keywords included. It's really that simple. Got other keyword tips or tricks to add to this post? Let me know what you've got! Or, click on the “Ask An Expert” button on this page, and I'll get back to you with an answer.


  • Erez Elias says:

    nice. One thing is missing- there’s an option to add keywords to the metadata of the images.
    There are some websites that let you do that.

  • internet marketing company says:

    Good article. You can also add metadata to an image: geolocation so search engines can read where an image was taken. It’s powerful for SEO.

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