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Reducing your company's impact on the environment is a big deal to you. You think you've done everything you possibly can, but if you haven't looked at your web hosting provider, you've certainly missed something. Green web hosting really exists (we've touched on the topic before in this article), offering servers that run on renewable sources, whether cloud, shared, or dedicated hosting. green web hosting Going Green

But is green hosting a solid option when it comes to performance? Should you stick with your traditional hosting provider? Let's look at green hosting, starting with its impact on the environment.

Going Green: Green Hosting And The Environment

You know that green hosting is the best option when it comes to being environmentally conscious. As your website is accessible 24/7, this means the servers that power it are, too. I'm sure you also know that emissions from the servers, coupled with the extreme heat they radiate, are dangerous. Want some statistics?

Well, it is estimated that the annual cost to run standard equipment related to hosting a website in the US alone costs a little over $2.5 billion. If you look at it globally, that figure rises to over $7 billion. A typical server's emissions are comparable to that of a 15mpg SUV! It is thought that by 2020, hosting companies will be a more offensive polluter than airlines!

If you choose green hosting, you are choosing a more efficient hosting environment. The majority of hosting providers that promote themselves as “green” often generate their own power in order to run their servers, whether wind or solar. Those that are not able to do this instead have Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), meaning they “use the energy that has been generated from renewable sources to power their servers.” Whether the host powers their own servers with renewable energy themselves or have an REC, you know that you are choosing a green option.

What's So Great About Green Hosting, Anyway?

Going Green: Good For Business.

Yes, you know it's good for the environment. But did you know it's equally good for the health of your business? Customers appreciate knowing that a company is making an effort to reduce their impact on the environment! Advertising that you are making efforts to go green, right down to the web hosting company you rely on, will likely land you more business and improve your reputation.

Going Green: Good For Your Wallet.

Besides increasing the amount of business you are getting which obviously adds to your profit, you'll be saving money: oftentimes, green hosting fees are lower than traditional hosting fees. And that's not all! There may be environmental organizations in your area that offer discounts or special incentives to those businesses who are making attempts to go green. Choosing a hosting provider that is green will help, and even more so if you are a startup.

When a business thinks about going green, it is not often they consider looking at their web host right off the bat, but they should! Not only does it help the environment, it offers a way to cut costs, attract new customers, and retain old ones. Going green is an important aspect people consider these days when choosing a company to do business with, so making an effort is highly beneficial to the future of your company!

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