T5 Turns To Green Hosting

Environmental hosting is something that we've talked about before on this site. There are lots of dedicated server companies out there that also aim to be green. Various cloud hosting companies seeking green initiatives exist too. One of the biggest data centers, T5 Data Centers, has just opened a new, greener, data center complex in Colorado.

T5 eco friendlyWhat makes this dedicated server company green? To begin with, the 64-acre data center will 100 MW of eco-friendly, sustainable, design. The campus will also include $0.0444 power rates per kilowatt-hour. In addition, the company will offer the opportunity for free cooling nearly 97% of the year. That's a big deal.

Who This Cheap Hosting Option Is For

Who will benefit the most from the new T5 Data Center? Mostly single data companies seeking data, high performance, or cloud options. The idea behind T5 is to offer clients cheap hosting options that also provide a company with cost saving benefits.

T5 has a solid reputation, is a great company to deal with, and already operates a number of additional data centers. The newest data center will not only be green, it will also provide between 400-600 new jobs. That's a really big deal for any town, and it's an even bigger deal when considering the state of the economy in the United States.

Local Hosting Is Best

Keep in mind one of our earlier hosting articles that explains the importance of local hosting. If you happen to live near Colorado, you want a low-cost hosting solution, and you are ready to test out a new green hosting center, you should really check out what T5 is doing.

Not sure what kind of hosting you are seeking? My recommendation is to go with what you care about the most. Sure, some companies may be cheaper than others, but does that really matter when it comes down to it? Maybe not. What matters most is that you work with a hosting company that caters to your business needs (whether that's adult hosting or otherwise).

T5 Turns To Green Hosting: Should You Go Green?

For some reason, people are generally turned away from green hosting companies — but that makes little sense. The hippie stigma of a company that doesn't function well due to green concepts is outdated and completely wrong. It never hurts to help the environment, and a good way to do that is to find a green hosting option.

To find out more about T5, make sure to check out the company's main website. Should you go green when it comes to hosting? Why not!

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