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synhostingSynHosting was established in 2006 with the aim of offering people from all over the world hosting services, and more so stable and reliable hosting solutions. The company was started to ensure that client web sites were on line throughout. Some of the services that this web host offers their clients include semi-dedicated, reseller hosting, web hosting and dedicated server hosting services along with many others. The company operates its data center, Colo4 in the United states and it is considered to the among the best data centers in the U.S. It is located in Nova Scotia in Canada.


SynHosting Company has a reputation in the hosting industry because it is a web host that offers speedy and stable hosting services and on top of that the reliability of their hosting services is exemplary. The company offers their client's great network up time thus ensuring that client's web sites are always on line.


Syn Hosting also prides itself in offering feature rich hosting services and offers their clients three basic hosting plan to choose from; the basic hosting plan, the home hosting plan and the business hosting plan. Some of the features that the basic hosting plan comes with include disk space of 10 GB and 200 GB bandwidth of along with unlimited add on domains, a free domain name for more than 12 months, free account transfers, unlimited MySQL databases and FTP accounts for just $ 7.50 each month. The home hosting plan on the other hand comes with similar hosting features but with a disk space of 15GB and a bandwidth of 300 GB and goes for about $ 11.24 per month. The business hosting plan is the final hosting plan and come with features similar to both hosting plans and a bandwidth of GB and disk space for only $ 15 monthly.


Syn Host ensures that their clients are on line ever since with a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.75% the company's servers are always on line without a doubt. The technical team also ensures that they look into the technical problems that their clients might have. On top of that, Syn hosting handles all its operation from its state of the art data center which is equipped with all the latest and most powerful servers in the hosting industry, thus offers high quality and powerful hosting to their clients. The company prides itself in employing only the best in the hosting industry thus great customer and technical support for their clients.


The Syn hosting company exhibits a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.75% along with offering great hosting speed which definitely ensure that clients websites are always on line. Furthermore, the technical support team and the customer support team can be reached all day. More so, the company exhibits reliable hosting speeds which help to stabilize the company's hosting services.

Customer service

Customer satisfaction is key to the success of any business thus the Syn Host has built its hosting services on offering their clients good support. At Syn Host, the customer care team and the technical support team can be reached throughout the day and night via phone and e-mail to cater to all their clients difficulties.

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