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palmhostingThe Palmhosting web hosting company is located in Canada and was founded several years back in a bid to compete with other companies in the hosting industry. The company offers various hosting services to clients from varying parts of the world.


The company is trusted web host in the hosting though they should try to improve on their speed, customer service, pricing along with reliability and performance. Palmhosting has not managed to get itself a position in the leaders of the pack in the hosting industry though the hosting services that the company offers are relatively good though there is definitely room for improvement.


The Palmhosting web hosting company offers three basic types of hosting plans to its clients; the economy hosting plan, the advanced hosting plan and the enterprise hosting plan. All these hosting plans have some similar features such as the fact that they use a Plesk control panel, have SSI and SSL support, allow for web mail access, supports SMTP, PHP, ASP/ASP.NET and allow for auto response and e-mail forwarding. In terms of MySQL databases, the economy hosting plan has none while the advanced plan comes with 1 and the enterprise plan has 5 of them. The economy plan has 500MB storage space, the advanced plan has 4GB and the enterprise hosting plan plan has up to 2oGB storage space per month. All these plans have mail boxes for use by clients with the enterprise hosting plan having up to 100, the advanced plan having 40 and the economy hosting plan having only 5 each month.


In general, the performance of Palmhosting on average is good or rather okay since the hosting speeds are wanting although the company's uses state of the art technology in their data center. On top of that, the company's offers clients a minimal number of features that one can choose from thus their hosting could be limiting to the clients. Their hosting speeds and network up time are relatively okay though the hosting that the company offers clients is a little unstable because of this.


Palmhosting's hosting services in terms of reliability can be rated as okay since their up time statistics are good but can not be said to be the best and also the hosting speeds that they offer clients could be improved. The customer care desk and the technical support team are available to cater for the clients needs and more so ensure that clients are comfortable.

Customer service

Palmhosting web hosting company advertises a customer care desk and a technical team that can be reached throughout the day and the night, 24/7. This is however not the case as the customer and technical team do not respond as fast as they should. However, they can be accessed, even if not throughout by clients facing any kind of hosting difficulties.

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