Building Website

In this fast-paced world, people look for convenience to meet the desire for knowledge. Running small businesses or independent ventures, consider following factors:

Steps for Building Website

Craft Website Plan

  • Set up the vision and idea about the website

Purpose – Building Website

  • Content specific website
  • E-commerce or Online store portal to sell services or product. The increased use of Internet has resulted in billions of dollars worth of transactions made online.
  • Entertainment or Leisure particular
  • Advertising or Affiliate marketing, which relies on sponsored advertiser programs like CJ, Google's Adsense, monetization, companies affiliate programs.
  • Membership and Subscription program where visitors pay for service

Target Audience

  • Research the Niche areas

Hire website development company

  • Discuss website building process and platform with developers. For fast and easy development use Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla.
  • Discuss navigation and UI (User Interface) features and Elements on a website in organized visual manner.

Select Domain Name – Building Website

  • Domain name is the online brand identity.
  • Purchase the domain name which is catchy, easy to recognize and fit with your business.

Choose Web Hosting Company

  • A web hosting provider is a cornerstone for a successful website.
  • Check Reviews and customers experiences on SiteGeek for the top hosting providers
  • Look for their plans and with the help of developer match with your website needs.
  • Use SiteGeek comparison tools to compare prices among competitors
  • Check the kind of Support offered. Choose the company which provides 24.7.365 support via Live Help, E-mail, and Phone.

Content as per purpose – Building Website

  • For E-commerce list products, their descriptions attributes, images and videos to gain customers attention.
  • For Blogging: Quality articles to engage readers
  • Hire a good designer having sound knowledge and keen to experiment color combination, size, and styling of web elements, data presentation and test website performance for speed, interactivity, and consistency.
  • Target oriented with focused data properly positioned, sober pictorial and visual elements.
  • Responsive website with adaptive layouts opening on all the devices screen sizes which include: iPad, iPod, Android Mobiles, Smart Phones and Internet TV sets.

Plan Website Security – Building Website

Individuals and businesses should consider the safety of their website. Protect online presence from rogue attacks with the evil intent of hackers or cybercriminals.

  • Use SSL Certificate to establish secure, encrypted connection between your website and a visitor’s web browser. It gives assurances to visitors that your site takes privacy and security seriously.  It secures sensitive information as credit card or banking numbers, login details and personal information. For processing online payments SSL is a must.
  • Manage User Access to protect a system from scam or hack by unauthorized users. Assign permissions for usage like WordPress to allow different levels of access.
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) – Upload and publish your files or data on your website in a secure way.
  • Update Softwares: To patch up vulnerabilities and security flaws, update your software as it becomes available. Ensure that the host conducts regular server maintenance to minimize the possibility of successful attacks.
  • Plan Backup Policy: Backup your website both locally and online. Depending upon the usage, plan site backups. Having precaution is good.

Promote Your website – Building Website

  • Research areas to gain backlinks, promote on Social media like Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ to engage people talking about the same.
  • Search engine listing on Yahoo, MSN and Google local business increases website visibility.
  • Gain positive feedback from customers and list them under testimonials page.
  • Digital Marketing: Business verification, Ad-words campaigns, listing, search analytics reports

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