Social Media For Your Cheap Hosting Site

twitter Social Media For Your Cheap Hosting SiteThese days, it's all about social media. Turning to these types of sites can help increase the traffic you receive on your cheap hosting website, which leads to increased sales and profits. But are you putting your social media accounts to work as much as possible?

Social Media For Your Cheap Hosting Site: Analyze Facebook Activity

You may or may not know this, but there is a handy, free tool called CScore. It's relatively new, and will calculate a “conversation score”, rank, and star ratings in numerous categories. After it calculates these things, it gives you a report featuring your avatar, scores and rankings, and ratings based on what your Facebook page offers its customers.

The program takes a look at your habits regarding posts, types of posts (links, photos, status updates, etc.), how often you respond to customers that post on your wall, videos, etc. If you wonder how you stack up against your competitors, this is the way to find out. Then you can adjust your social media marketing campaign accordingly!

Social Media For Your Cheap Hosting Site: How's The Weather?

Business owners may dismiss the notion of small talk as a waste of time, but it is a handy way to more deeply connect with your customers and fans. You can make it relate to your brand, or it can be as simple as “Wow, there are three feet of snow out the window here at headquarters. What's the weather like where you're at?” You'll be surprised how many people will respond! Make it a habit to post silly questions and comments that don't pertain at all to your business in order to draw users to interacting with you. You know, things like “Is it Friday yet?” or “Emergency: out of coffee!” will do the trick nicely. It really works!

Social Media For Your Cheap Hosting Site: Work That Hash Tag

Yes, such a thing does exist, and you already know this if you are a Twitter or Instagram user. Even Facebook has begun recognizing and categorizing words preceded with the pound symbol #. This is genius for marketing, and works a lot like keywords: post a picture and include some hash tags relating to the product or service your cheap hosting website offers, and users interested in that specific hash tag can see your photo or post included in with a slew of others from all over the Internet. An example: searching for #nailpolish returns pictures people have tagged #nailpolish. If you are a company that sells nail polish or women's cosmetics, you would be wise to include this hash tag for people looking for what you sell!

Social Media For Your Cheap Hosting Site: Your Voice

Something you need to assure is that those posting for you (if you have left this task in someone else's hands) use a voice in posts that reflects your brand in a positive manner. This might mean drafting some example posts. And above all, stay positive in every single post, no exceptions! People aren't very keen on negativity.

Social Media For Your Cheap Hosting Site: Gather A Team

If you're having trouble keeping up with all that interacting, assign specific tasks to people within the company, or hire more people. This guarantees you're posting as many times as you can, contributing valuable content, and most importantly responding to customers questions and comments as soon as possible.

If you can put social media to use for your business properly, it is an effective way to increase sales. Do you utilize social media for business? How's it working for you? And, do you have any strategies not mentioned here you'd like to share with our readers? We want to hear about them!

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