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lightspeed Cloud-Based StartupsVenture companies are taking notice of the recent cloud boom. Certain backers are looking for cloud-based startups that provide the cloud sphere with something unique. If you have a great cloud-based idea, there are some venture companies that you'll want to impress.

1. Emergence Capital : this venture company has been known as the one to impress when it comes to business-to-business models. Emergence seeks tech start-ups that have a specific focus, and tends to skip those that have a ‘jack of all trades' approach.

2. Light-speed : extremely well-known in the tech sector, Light-speed has a history of backing emerging start-ups. Currently, the company is behind more than two-hundred budding businesses, but, again, looks for niche when it comes to the cloud.

3. Illuminate Ventures : taken directly from the Illuminate website, this company focuses on “…finding, funding and accelerating great teams in the B2B cloud computing space.” Illuminate also stresses looking for start-ups that are not part of the “herd,” and are different in every manner possible.

Some of the Bunch

These three venture companies are not the only companies focused on cloud-based start-up investments, but they are some of the top three venture companies to attract if you are trying to grow a cloud business. All three companies stress uniqueness and individuality, so it will pay to really think about your niche before you try to pitch to an investment company.

Don't have a niche? Maybe it's not time to hit the cloud world, then. Right now, the cloud sphere is so populated with companies that all look and act the same, it's hard to find any room amongst the crowd. But, that's why companies like the ones above don't bother looking in the crowd. Instead, these companies want to see start-ups that have a unique focus. In short: go niche or go home, and make sure that niche is where it's really at.

Cloud-Based Startups: How to Pitch

Once you have a great idea for a venture company (and you're sure that you fit that company's profile), you'll have to pitch your idea. To do this, set up a meeting with the company – but make sure that you have your ducks all in a row first. Otherwise, you'll have to backtrack, and that's never a good thing.

Can you go the crowd-funding route? Sure, why not? But, ventures companies are actively looking for cloud-based start-ups like the one that you are building, so why not strike while that iron is hot? Think about what the cloud world needs, fill that void, and then contact one of the companies listed above.

Venture companies seeking cloud-based start-ups are out there, you just have to lure them in with something appealing first.

Need help with your niche? Not sure how to contact a venture company? Let me know – I can help you figure it all out, or let you know someone that can help with your particular problem. Got more questions? Just ask!

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