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Social Media Facebook_like_thumbSocial media can be tricky. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are supposed to allow you to express your own opinions, but where do you draw the line? Is it okay to make fun of a reader that doesn't understand your posts? Is it normal to add offensive photographs to your Facebook feed? How about writing whatever you want on Twitter? Is that okay?

When you own a company – and kind of company – and you're trying to build  social media presence, it's never a bad idea to get involved in your own company's social media posts (instead of leaving it up to some random SEO firm). However, you also need to know the rules of posting, what to post, and (most importantly!), what to do when a post goes all wrong.

Uh-Oh – I Just Wrote A Really Offensive Post!

So, you didn't mean to offend all 500 of your Facebook followers with that last post, but you did. Now what? Do you erase the post, fight back, or just shut up? Here are some tips:

1. Fess up to the post. Admit that you were wrong. Honest is always, always, always the best policy!

2. Do not erase that post. You can create another post explaining why you did what you did, or you can just comment underneath all of those angry comments. But, whatever you do, don't erase your post – that's like weaseling out of it, and you want to appear strong – not weasel-like.

3. Always watch what's being posted. If you've hired a social media team to post to Twitter and Facebook for you, be careful. Make sure that you trust the person creating your posts. Otherwise, you could have some very big problems on your hands when that person writes something that doesn't gel with your company policies or ideals.

4. Respect others. So often I see companies posting disrespectful things to social media sites. Even if one of your followers doesn't agree with you, don't resort to insults.

5. Keep your head up. Alright, so you did something that you're not proud of. It's okay, and it will blow over. Just try to turn that negative PR into positive PR.

Social Media: Some Social Notes

If you're running an adult hosting company, you have to be double sure that your posts are catering to your crowd – but don't cross that line. Keep things civil, classy, and always represent your company in the best light. But, above all – make sure that you respond to your readers.

If someone leaves you a note, write back! It's a great idea to get involved with reader comments and ideas. This way, you can show that you really care about what's being written, read, and what your followers think.

Do you need some social media help? Ask me for information about your Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus feeds. No matter what kind of company you run, social media can help build up your Internet name – just make sure that you do it right!

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