Should Web Hosting Companies Offer Marketing

Plenty of hosting companies offer cheap hosting and domain package options, but one of the newest trends is combining marketing in a cheap hosting and domain package. Is marketing something that you should be offering your clients? Let's take a look.  1287370_seo_1 Should Web Hosting Companies Offer Marketing

Benefits of Adding Marketing to Packages

People that are setting up websites for the first time know that they have to create a URL and purchase a web hosting package. What they don't know is how to market a website. Marketing, as you probably know, is the key to making sure that a site stands out. But, is marketing the domain of the web hosting provider?

It depends on what kind of marketing you are talking about. If you have the capacity to hire Internet marketers, you might offer this type of hosting package at a premium. If not, you could offer something called an “optimized website” feature.

Should Web Hosting Companies Offer Marketing: Optimizing Websites

Essentially, an optimized website feature will compress files before those files are viewed, so that a website becomes, well, optimized. Your clients will like this feature, since it will save them a ton of headaches. But, what about actual marketing of the SEO (or other) type? Is this part (or should it be part) of a hosting package?

Marketing and Hosting Packages

I'll caution you against offering marketing if you can't deliver on that promise. If you can guarantee a high page ranking or SEO tactics that work, marketing to go along with a hosting package might be just the thing that your clients are looking for. You can add site names to registries, help clients with SEO by offering various SEO tools, and recommend site strategies.

By adding these services to any cheap hosting package, you can also up the value of that package. Combine marketing, a domain name, and hosting in one package, and you have a premium package that many people will likely choose – simply because it's an easier option. Just make sure that the marketing promise you're selling adds up to the hype. There's no faster way to ruin a reputation than to offer something that you can't deliver on!

What do you think? Should marketing (SEO, etc) be part of a cheap hosting package? Or, is marketing something entirely separate that hosting companies shouldn't offer? Sound off below.

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