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We've covered the many aspects (and importance) of using a cheap web hosting provider that can also handle an influx of traffic. Didn't read that particular cheap web hosting article? Check out the link above for more details. How to Make a Viral Video

Now that you know how important it is to make sure that your web host can handle a number of hits overnight, how can you make sure that your video goes viral?

As it turns out, there are some relatively easy ways to encourage people to share your video. Here are the top five viral video tips.

1. Be Human! Humans have emotions, right? So, why is your company video completely devoid of emotions? When a video goes viral, it often does so because it is laced with emotions that we can all relate to. Add some truth to your video, and don't skimp on those emotions!

2. Know Your Clients. Get to know your clients on that human level. Meet with them for lunch. Ask them about their day on a regular basis. Find out how they are doing in life. When people like who you are as a person, they tend to trust who you are as a business(person) more. If someone likes you, they are more apt to use your services or to recommend you to friends. This also means sharing your video content.

3. Make Your Video About the Viewer. Sure, you want to highlight your own company, but it's really vital that you connect with your viewers. Don't create a video that you think is funny – unless you can be sure that your viewers will think it's funny too. Don't make a video about your company, make a video about life – sponsored by your company (with a nice logo at the bottom!). It's all about connection!

4. Make Your Video Shareable! What's the point of trying to get a video to go viral if you lock it to your site? Make sure that people can share your video. Skip sites like YouTube that make sharing tough, and simply place a video on your site that can be shared by all.

Is it hard to make a viral video? Not really. You just have to keep ego, your own voice, and restrictions out of the main picture. Got additional tips to add? Want to strut your social stuff? Comment below.

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