Websites rely on cookies to track user habits. In turn, these details are noted and added to targeted marketing campaigns. Recently, Firefox decided to do away with cookies – kind of. Firefox (in addition to Apple and Microsoft) will no longer enable cookies by default in upcoming browser releases. This was shocking news to the advertising world.  cookies

Web users must now turn on cookie enabling. Since advertisers rely on cookies for marketing information, how can they gather information now? Maybe cookies aren't so important after all. Whether you are buying a site destination through a cheap hosting company or you're setting up a new cheap hosting company, you might want to let your clients know that there are other ways to advertise.

Cookies: Going Back to the Basics

Cookie-type marketing is specific, but it's also extremely limited. Think about the number one device used for marketing for the past few decades: the humble television. Television provides marketers with an extremely wide reach. Instead of marketing on an individual basis, TV advertising lets marketers target a whole wide audience. How? By creating ads that work, are simple, and entirely effective.

So, why can't Internet advertisers market products in the same manner? Well, they can. We just have to look at Internet marketing in the same light as TV (or radio) marketing. Instead of treating website marketing in a new light, it might be time to go back to the basics. Now that major browsers are doing away with automatically enabled cookies, the Internet ad world will have to find a different approach.

Cookies: All Through Content

By analyzing content, advertisers can target mass markets. In the same way that television ads target viewers of a specific program, site content can be targeted too. There's no need to individualize ads, if a wide approach is used. What does this all add up to?

Content is the most important part of any website. Without great content, you simply can't target a large market. With great content, you can decide exactly the kind of market you are targeting to, and you can provide your viewers, in return, with content that they want to see. Do cookies really matter? Not as much as they seem to.

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