SEO Permalink Tips

SEO Permalink TipsLet's talk about WordPress permalinks. These links are essential when it comes to getting any recognition from search engines, but it's also one of the most overlooked areas on any given WordPress blog.

Make Sure Those Links Are Right

You'll have to spend some time brushing up on your SEO tactics to understand the exact importance of the right link, but WordPress also makes this simple enough. At the top of your WordPress dashboard, you'll see an option to create a customized URL.

It's a good idea to add a keyword or two to that URL. You can do this really quickly before you publish any post. Don't stuff your links full of keywords, but adding one or two is a really great way to attract the attention of search engines.

SEO Permalink Tips: Why Mess With Links?

Links to blog posts tell searchers what that post contains. More importantly, though, these links tell search engines what your post contains. If you create a link that states: ‘permalink tips' at some point in the link, a search engine will pick up on those tips. Thus, the next time that someone searches for permalink tips, your blog entry will show up.

It's all related and it all matters – just make sure not to change a permalink after it has been published. Why? Because removing that link will result in a 404 error, and that means that you'll have to redirect all of those links using a redirect plugin tool. It is possible to manually redirect all of these links, but why bother? You could just set it up correctly as you move forward, and work on other page details to clean up those older posts.

SEO Permalink Tips: The Shorter The Better

Permalinks should be short and sweet. Try not to make your links too long. Even if your blog title is on the long side, be sure that your permalinks are much shorter. This way, search engines won't have a hard time finding the information needed to send people to your site – and that's what it's all about.

In addition, social media networks pick up on those links. So it's really important, then, that your links make a ton of sense to anyone search for the content you're providing. Since we're on the topic of what people are searching for, let's jump into that page description for a moment, shall we?

SEO Permalink Tips: Your Page Description

People will be reading your page description, so there's no real point in making this keyword-friendly. You can add a keyword or two to your page description, but it's better if you just go with a straight paragraph that people are bound to read and understand.

What should you write? Just be honest. Tell people what your post is about. That's simple enough, right? This way, humans searching for content like yours will see what your post synopsis is. If they like what they see, they'll click on that link – and you'll make both search engines and people happy.

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