Company Introduction

RegisterThe Register .com web hosting company was started with the aim of helping small and medium enterprises grow until they succeed. The company was started 13 years ago with its core goal being the on line success of small businesses by providing them with great and affordable hosting services. Register .com web hosting company started out primarily as a domain registrar but later grew and started to offer other services such as web hosting.

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Register .com web hosting company has been able to maintain its reputation in the industry as a hosting company that caters for the needs of their clients, specifically small and medium sized business enterprises. This hosting company more so has a good reputation in offering good customer service to their clients.


Register .com web hosting company clients get various features by using the company's web hosting services. The company offers several plans that clients can choose from; the basic hosting plan which goes for about $149 annually and has 750MB storage space and 24GB of bandwidth. Another hosting plan is the shopping cart plan which offers 750MB storage, 48GB of bandwidth along with an Easy Store Maker Basic. The other hosting plan is the e Commerce plan with allows users to build a credit-card processor and a shopping cart on the user's site.

This plan has tow general levels of storage and bandwidth;one goes for $299 per year and has 1.5GB of storage and 80 GB of bandwidth. The other level has 10.5Gb of storage and 200GB of bandwidth and costs $759 annually. The common feature for all three packages is that users must register their domain names for a fee, about $ 35 yearly. All E-mail options that users choose are also paid for separately depending on what a client wants for their web site. The e Commerce package further supports MySQL, ASP and ColdFusion along with SSL security among other features. In terms of features, Register .com may not be feature-rich though it offers the necessary features needed in hosting small and medium sized businesses.


The company's overall performance can be rated as good though there have been several complains here and there from clients. The company more so offers clients an e-commerce package that supports feature that process credit cards along with shopping cart features. This thus allows clients who want to run an on line business to operate and transact without any trouble. Register .com web hosting company has an overall performance rating of generally good as it offers clients feature-rich hosting, good customer service and has quite good up time statistics. Thus its hosting services are a good place to start for people looking to run small enterprises and more so individuals.


The company allows clients an opportunity to scale up their web sites as the sites also grows. This helps businesses to grow everything, even their web sites. The network up time that Register .com web hosting company offers clients is of up to 100% thus no interruptions whatsoever. Clients can thus have their web sites running all through. The overall reliability of Register .com can be rated as relatively good and dependable.

Customer Support / Service

Clients at Register .com hosting are guaranteed round the clock toll free support from the technical support team. More over, clients are guaranteed uninterrupted up time of 100% throughout the day and night. The company's customer support can be rated as good since they are available to cater for the clients needs.

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