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It is always wise to go through a review before buying a service or a product. Now the number of web hosting companies have almost doubled over the last few years but sadly not all of them provide quality services hence you feel cheated. There is a company called that has become very popular with the public for its reliable services. You could hire this company but not before reading a review on it. The internet is probably filled with reviews on this company but they may leave you very confused as they express mixed reviews. However all hope is not lost as this review is written with the specific purpose of educating you on the services by

Affordable and Reliable Services

The good thing about this service provider is that it provides very reliable and affordable services. Yes there are certain packages that may be a little costly but they are also available in affordable prices with a little less features than the expensive counterparts. The company offers cloud hosting, virtual private serves and dedicated hosting and their pricing are as follows.

Cloud server
Plan Ram Disk Cost
Cloud Server 256 MB to 48 GB Unlimited $24.95
Reseller Hosting
Plan Transfer  Disk Cost
Cloud Reseller Hosting 1500 GB / Month 150GB $89.95
Virtual hosting
Plan Transfer Disk Cost
Cloud Virtual Hosting Unlimited Unlimited $8.33
Windows Core 100 GB / Month 5GB $9.95
Dedicated hosting
Plan Ram Disk Cost
Mark I v2 Up to 8 GB Up to 2: 320 GB,
500GB, 750GB,
Mark II v2 Up to 8 GB Up to 4: 320GB,
500GB, 750GB,
Mark III v2 Up to 48 GB Up to 4: 320GB,
500GB, 750GB,


The company has been around for fifteen years now; and since its inception the company has focused on providing the best services possible. The company’s sole mission is to provide reliable and unmatched services for affordable prices. The company started out small during the early years but today it has emerged as one of the biggest companies in the field of web hosting.

Customer services

The company employs skilled employees that know how to deal with any adverse situation at any time. Even though the company h as faced certain technical glitches in the past it has always strives to improve its services overtime. The company provides strong and prompt services to those customers that face problems related to their websites.

Performance of the company

To get a glimpse of the company’s performance you must compare it with the performance of the competitors. In fact you will see that the company provides far more reliable services than most big names in the web hosting industry. Customers who are not satisfied with the services of the company can expect to get a full refund.


The reputation of this company is very strong; writing off this company based on a couple of negative reviews would be a silly thing to do. After all you have to remember that the company has been around for fifteen years so it must be doing something right.

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