Mozy Online Backup Provider

MozyThe main feature of mozy is that it installs a local client on your desktop on which you can drag and drop any of your files or folders you want to online backup or set schedules for the service to back up the files. There is a file syncing feature that allows you to sync frequently used files across multiple computers known as stash folder.

Mozy Company introduction

Mozy is an on line back up solution provider that ensures that a clients data is safe and secure in a cloud. Mozy's on line back up service looks to offer very reliable and secure yet cost- efficient on line back up solutions thus the reason it lacks too many distracting features which could derail the original intent of this back up solution. It's main duty is to ensure the safety and continuity of clients files and data.

Mozy Reputation

Mozy is highly reputed when it comes to offering cloud hosting solutions in the industry as they are seen as among the best providers of on line back up solutions for their clients. It is considered the best on line back up solution for those looking for safety and security of their data along with continuity of files.

Mozy Features

Mozy's back up solution operates from the Mozy pro plan and the Mozy enterprise plan. Most of the features that this cloud drive offers clients however are present on both plans. Common features include: reach of the technical support team live live chat and the ticketing system, both support mobile Apps for both Apple i OS and Android plat forms, support of either Windows OS or the Mac OS, file encryption during data and storage of data, automatic or scheduled data back ups, throttling of bandwidth, Mozy and personal key encryption. The billing, administration and support is centralized and Mozy further more offers network drive support and server support for both Windows and Mac and local back up with the Mozy 2x protect and clients are also given the chance to customize their company domain names. In-client, in-Windows, DVD and web-based restores are available for all the company's clients. Clients can also access their data from any part of the world for as long as one is using an Internet enabled gadget. However, active directory integration and custom installs along with an array of other features are only found on Mozy enterprise.

Mozy Performance

Mozy's on line back up solution performs quite well with great features that ensure clients get the best on line back up solutions that they need to best suit their needs. Mozy simply installs a local client on a client's computer allowing clients top drag and drop any folders and files that the client want backed up. On top of that, clients can also set schedules for the Mozy ion line back up service to back up the selected files. Though the features that Mozy brings to the table is not quite like that of other providers, it's service performs quite well and adequately caters for clients needs.

Mozy Reviews Reliability

Mozy's back up service comes with a feature, stash folder, that allows for syncing of the most used files on a clients computer thus ensuring that the frequently used files are back up on line safely. However, this on line back up solution does not really work well with home users who would like to use it to steam videos, movies or music and so forth.

Mozy Customer service

Mozy's technical support team is very responsive when dealing with clients' technical difficulties thus they offer excellent customer care support.

Mozy's Plan Specifications

Features MozyEnterprise MozyPro
Automatic or scheduled backups Yes Yes
Local backup via Mozy 2xProtect™ Yes Yes
Submit tickets & Livechat Yes Yes
File encryption during backup & storage Yes Yes
Bandwidth Throttling Yes Yes
In-client, in-Windows, web-based & DVD restores Yes Yes
Desktop/laptop support for Windows & MAC Yes Yes
Mobile Apps for iOS & Android Yes Yes
Web-based Anywhere file Access Yes Yes
Server Support for Windows & Mac Yes Yes
Network Drive Support for Windows & Mac Yes Yes
24-hour U.S.-Based Technical Support Yes Yes
Customize your company.mozypro .com Domain Yes Yes
Centralized Billing, Support & Administration Yes Yes
Mozy & Personal Key encryption Yes Yes
Enterprise Custom Key encryption Yes No
Custom User Configurations Yes No
User Groups Yes No
Sub-administration Yes No
Advanced Reporting Yes No
Custom Installations Yes No
Active Directory Integration Yes No

Mozy's feature set possibly doesn't look quite as full as some of its competitors, but be assured that this is a deliberate decision rather than an oversight on the company's part. Mozy is in the business of highly reliable, secure and cost effective online backup solutions and it clearly doesn't want to start adding extra features that may detract from the main service. So if you're a home user looking for a cloud solution that can stream your music and videos Mozy won't be for you, but if you are worried about the security and continuity of your files it will definitely do the job.

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