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icloudApple has launched the latest version of its iCloud website, complete with an i-Pad-inspired visual style and two new online apps – Notes and Reminders.

Hey there is good news for those people who wanted to store their data online or who are already availing such kind of services, as the no. of such services has steadily grown and their price is also reduced. These services are known by the very famous name Cloud. These services allow their users to store large amount of data i.e. up to several dozen gigabytes of data in the cloud and are offer by the specialized companies, device manufacturers or well-established internet giants with a paid subscription or even at free also, without charging any cost. Earlier Cloud was used only by businesses but now its utilization has been extended to the ordinary consumers also for the management of their personal data and thus it is becoming more popular than ever before. There are various companies who are providing this service with different capacities of FREE data storage ranging from 2GB to 50 GB such as Dropbox offers 2GB free, Cloudwatt and Kim Dotcom’s Mega both companies offer 50 GB, Apple offers 5GB on its icloud, Microsoft offers 7 GB on its Skydrive and Google offers 5 GB free. With this, online storage devices are now offer by the major software giants also. The companies which are new in the market are offering even more data like OVH, a web hosting company has started its Hubic Service by which they offer 25 GB of free data storage. There are some leading manufacturers of hard disk and PC, all over the world like Lenovo, HP, and Asus has also planned to sell virtual storage in the cloud and also tie up with some special websites, for this work. The services which are offer by these companies keep your data in safe and secure manner stored on their multiple servers in the cloud.

Business man’s main goal is to earn profit in his or her business and for this sometimes they adopt different way, which will be rarely seen in the business world to fulfill this purpose. Recently, local traders’ association with the local shire council organizes a one day local community festival and for this, many preparations are also done. Posters have been pasted on the windows of footy club noticeboard and the local pub in the community newspaper, there will be bouncing castles, rides, handball competition, balloons, street stalls, Christmas nativity scene, a stage with live music and face painting for the kids. All the expenses including advertising, publicity, promotion are divided between all the members of the local traders’ association, thus it becomes very cheap for all of them to organise it in a year.

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