Top Domain Auction Web Sites

Top Domain Auction Sites

There are several number of domain Auction Sites are available but we all want to focus on the best ones to fulfill the need of our websites. So, here we will go through best five domain auction Sites.

1.Go Daddy– Go Daddy comes on the first no. among the entire best domain auction Web Sites. It allows owners of the domain to auction off their domains so that customers or we can say buyers who are having potential may bid on them. For exclusive and high value domains, it is having one day live online signature auction of domain. Domain auction exposure also gets increased by the sellers due to its several features. It is one of the leading web hosting providers that offers quality hosting services to their clients or customers. It was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons. It has a good reputation in the hosting industry as it offers great web hosting.

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It offers three basic hosting plans: first is the economy plan which includes 10GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth and 100 email accounts for only 0.99 dollars per month. Second one is the Deluxe plan which include 500 e-mail accounts, 25My SQL databases, 150Gb of disk space, and an unlimited number of web sites and unlimited bandwidth and it all cost to the client for $ 5.94 per month . Third one is the ultimate plan whose price is just $8.49 per month and include features such as  unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth unlimited websites, unlimited My SQL databases,1000 e-mail accounts, annual set up plan and FTP access, free Malware Scanner, a free SSL certificate, free premium DNS. Go daddy web hosting offers both windows and Linux based hosting services. It also supports various programming languages such as Perl, Python, Joomla, PHP and many others. It offers their customers 24hrs support.

2.Bido– It is a service for auction of domain name that offers different prices for selling purpose. It allows you to sign up on account without any fees i.e. free of cost and provide you with commission of 8% on sales. Its rank is no. two.

3. Domain Monkey– It secures third position among all the domain auction sites. This website is basically meant for auction of domains and for parking. It allows its users to purchase and sell domain names  and with the help of parking some of your domains which are not used may be used in generating revenue or income. It also allows you to monitor, manage and control your entire portfolio of domain.

4.Domain Tools– To provide new opportunities in improvement of the websites, protection of brand, investment of domain, the available data which is very important from the point of view of web hosting is combined with the records of the broad set of domain name ownership . This task of combining is performing by domain tools. You may be required to set an appropriate reserve and must know all the rules If you are selling a domain. Its rank is no. fourth.

5. Name Jet– Name Jet comes on no. fifth and has created a same pattern for all the back-order services. The pattern is like customers may back-order a domain name and also set maximum price for that domain name and beyond which they are not willing to go and If there is not even a single person who back-orders this domain name except the customer  then the same customer gets that particular domain, but there is one more situation which may occur ,if more then one person back-orders the name of the same domain, then the name of the domain goes into an auction.


As there are few domain auction web sites are available and among them top five are given above with their few description, so now  you need to consider few factors such as the needs of your website, your budget, the quality which you require before choosing the one.

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godaddy02 GoDaddy has again on the top of online Domain auction market with their series of one-day live online Signature Domain Auctions for exclusive, high-value domains. Domain owners can auction off their domains and potential buyers can bid on them. Various features of Go Daddy Auctions allow sellers to increase the exposure of their domain auctions. Visit Now
bido-com Bido is domain name auction service that offers a couple different pricing options for selling. It is free to sign up for an account and only 8% commission on sales. NA
domain-monkey DomainMonkey is a domain auction and parking website that allows it's users to manage their entire domain portfolio. This website will allow you to buy and sell domain names and at the same time make revenue by parking some of your unused domains. NA
domain-tool DomainTools combines the broad set of domain name ownership records available with important web hosting data to expose new opportunities in website improvement, domain investment and brand protection. If you are selling a domain, just be sure to know what the rules are and set an appropriate reserve. NA
namejet NameJet allows its customers to back-order a domain name and set a price up to which they are willing to go for that domain name. If no one else back-orders this domain name, then the customer gets, while if more then one person back-orders the name, the name goes into an auction. This is the same pattern as all the other back-order services. NA

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