Google The Original Cloud Company

in-a-minute Google The Original Cloud CompanyThe term ‘cloud' is tossed around so loosely today that it's hard to know what it really means (kind of like the term ‘thought leader'). Cloud companies are popping up overnight offering unbelievable deals and services to unknowing consumers. But long before any of this began, Google was at the forefront of cloud computing.

Google Made Early Tracks: Google The Original Cloud Company

I'm not just talking about Google's new IaaS Service, The Compute Engine. I'm talking about Google's humble beginnings as a cloud-based company. Google was working on a number of cloud efforts before the cloud was anything other than white puffs in the sky. Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, and Google BigQuery were all around prior to anything newly cloud.

Plus, Google had Gmail and Google Docs, and a whole bunch of other cloud programs. While interesting, it's not entirely surprising that Google was the original cloud pioneer. After all, Google is the one major company that most people think of when it comes to search engines, and Google is typically named worldwide when asking people to cite a technology company. Throughout the years, Google has definitely made a name for itself.

What makes Google so great? Why is Google ahead of the cloud curve? It has something to do (no, it has a lot to do!) with innovation and a need to constantly update. Google is always working to create new services, find new ways to host ideas and to make your life easier. This is one company that can provide a good lesson for new businesses out there, and it's also one of the first companies to understand the concept of ‘cloud.'

To see what happens with your Internet information (and how much of a big part Google plays in it all – second only to YouTube), check out this infographic courtesy of Internet Minute via Creative Commons on Flickr.

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