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cloud computing

In my recent interview with Peter Pollack, I asked Peter how you can tell if a site is really using the cloud. Since you can't simply rely on a company's claim that they are cloud-based (“cloud computing” is really used as a mere buzzword now), you have to know a thing or two about cloud computing – which would be easier if we were all Pollack!

While most of us don't have Pollack's know-how, we can heed his advice: “…ask the company what cloud software they use and then do a search online to see if that software is really worth its salt.” That got me to thinking: are there other things about the cloud that you should know? As it turns out, there are.

1. Cloud Computing: Know your cloud software. Okay, you don't have to know the ins and outs of cloud software specifics, but you should know that the top cloud software companies are: SoftLayer, Joyent, Citrix Systems, and IBM. If the cloud company you're considering uses software from one of these developers, you're probably in the clear.

2. Cloud Computing: You're already using the cloud. Surprise! The cloud is what you use every day. Whether you're using Facebook or email, you are already in the cloud – so why are you so worried about moving your business to the cloud? This concern is somewhat unfounded.

3. Cloud Computing: Changing your antivirus program to cloud software can save your business a ton of money. Not so into moving everything to the cloud? Consider make a few small changes. Switching email clients to web-based mail and moving virus protection can mean added pennies.

4. Cloud Computing: The cloud is largely unregulated. Right up there with Bitcoins and the term ‘organic,' cloud hosting is relatively unregulated. That means that any company can claim cloud offerings, and nobody can legally call those companies out on false claims. What can you do? Research!

5. Cloud Computing: Understand what you're buying. The number one reason people get duped into buying cloud services that aren't worth the price is a lack of knowledge. Read up on hosting via the cloud, check out articles that pop up on this blog, and know what you're getting into. If you're not sure, just ask. That's why we are here.

Photo Rights: Photo is courtesy of Christine und Hagen Graf via Flickr Creative Commons.

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