Use Pinterest to Grow Web Hosting Business

pinterestYou're looking to grow your dedicated hosting business, but can't think of the best way to do this. You've run advertisements on the Internet and in the local paper, added a blog to your website to attract more customers, and even started up social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. But did you know there's another form of social media that has exploded in terms of transforming businesses?

That's right, it's Pinterest! This highly popular site allows small businesses yet another avenue to engage with their customers and introduce your products and services to more people than ever before. Let's look at the benefits of adding Pinterest to your social media arsenal in order to make your dedicated hosting or cheap hosting company more profitable.

Pinterest: Followers

Utilize the search function in order to gather new followers. These searches should be targeted to bring in those interested in the web hosting industry. Those with a genuine interest will actually read your pins instead of just scrolling past them, increasing the chances of interaction.

Pinterest: Interactions

Besides increasing the eyes that see your products and services, Pinterest can help you better understand your industry. Additionally, you'll see the direction the industry is heading, and might even come up with a new idea or two. Targeted repins and likes of other users' content is another way to increase your customer base. Targeted is the key phrase here: you don't want to waste your time repinning and liking posts from others that wouldn't even have the slightest interest in your business.

A great way to interact with others: collaborative boards. The more active in the Pinterest community you are, the more you will likely be offered the chance to join these boards. If you aren't able to secure an invite, or are repeatedly asked to join boards that have nothing to do with your hosting company, it's quite alright to find boards that interest you and asking the moderators if you can be granted pinning rights as a contributor.

Determine Your Goals

Because Pinterest can do so many different things for different types of businesses, it's important to determine what exactly you are looking for to make the most of your Pinterest experience. Your goals should be similar to your overall business goals, and the clearer you make them, the easier it is to evaluate your progress and reassess if necessary.

Some goals that Pinterest can help your business with:

  • Bringing more site traffic
  • Introducing your brand to new eyes
  • Making more sales
  • Growing your staff

Pinterest Integration And Cross-Promotion

To increase the numbers of followers on your boards, you can put to work your company email newsletter. Go ahead and include a link to your Pinterest account, and feature an article that talks about Pinterest to generate customer interest. Don't forget the power of a good, old-fashioned contest involving your Pinterest boards! For example, have your customers go through your boards and post on your Facebook page their very favorite pin. Those who do this can be entered to win a few months of free web hosting, or something similar. Always be sure to include links to your Pinterest boards on your website and other social media sites as well.

Do you use Pinterest? How has it helped your business?

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