Hostgator Experiences Email Blacklisting Issues

Cheap hosting giant Hostgator reported a couple of weeks ago that a high number of IP addresses used for email gateways were blacklisted across multiple networks for just about every web host worldwide. When IPs are blacklisted in this manner, it leads to any email being sent from the IP undeliverable to the email black… Read More

The True Cost Of Quality Web Hosting

Quality Web Hosting Wonder what a quality web hosting will actually cost you? You might be surprised to learn that it can be quite inexpensive. But no matter what you pay, if you’re a business, you need a cheap hosting website. No one turns to the Yellow Pages anymore to find a product or service… Read More

Cyberbullying: Who Should Be Held Accountable?

Cyberbullying Whether you run a simple Internet forum for like-minded individuals or a social media site like Myspace, bullying is an issue. Online, a bully can feel invincible, protected by the vast enormity of the worldwide Web. Confronting someone on the Internet is so much easier than doing it in person. Social networking site… Read More

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Web Hosting Business

Use Pinterest to Grow Web Hosting Business You’re looking to grow your dedicated hosting business, but can’t think of the best way to do this. You’ve run advertisements on the Internet and in the local paper, added a blog to your website to attract more customers, and even started up social media accounts on Facebook… Read More

Cheap Hosting Company Freedom Hosting

Freedom Hosting In case you missed our earlier story regarding the shutdown of hidden sites hosted by the anonymous and cheap hosting company Freedom Hosting, here’s the background: malicious Javascript code was found to be embedded in many of the sites hosted by Freedom Hosting, relying on the Tor network that keeps users’ identities completely… Read More

Tor User? Here’s What you Need to Know

Tor Insight We brought you the story of the hidden websites hosting abusive child pornography disappearing from Tor earlier this week, and the problems with Tor’s email hosting. It’s odd, as Tor was designed to allow users to fly under the radar, keeping their identities a secret and allowing them to post questionable content without… Read More