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It's no secret now that some sites like Yelp have been cracking down on fake reviews. Since consumers trust reviews, those that are fake are simply bad news. But, how can you tell if a review is real or if it's something that has been completely made up?

Here are the telltale signs that a review is fake!

1. No such name, no such person. Reviews should always be signed by an author in one manner or another. That author should show up in Google search results, be a real person, and have things like social media pages. For example, give my name a Google – you'll find out that I really do exist!

2. Reviews should make sense. If you're half way through a review and you have no idea what the person is talking about, that review is probably fake.

3. Reviews should be complete. Especially when it comes to cheap hosting reviews, everything about a review should be complete from the name of the person writing it to package pricing and drawbacks.

4. Nothing is perfect. If you're reading a review that doesn't include any drawbacks or negatives, you may want to think twice. Nothing is absolutely perfect. Every product and service has a drawback.

5. The same review keeps showing up. Have you ever looked at a site where the same reviews keep popping up? That site may be trying to tell you something!

Why Real Reviews Are Important

It's vital that you read real reviews when thinking about purchasing a cheap hosting or cloud hosting package. You don't want to sign a contract and fork over cash for something that just isn't that great. Sure, you can just pick the company that your brother suggested, but what works for him may not work for you.

On this site, you will find that we have reviewed a lot (a lot!) of hosting companies. From green hosting options to other hosting options, we do our best to bring you the absolute truth when it comes to hosting. Of course, all of our reviews are also real – just ask me.

Searching for a Hosting Company

When you are searching for a hosting company, my recommendation is to read through reviews first. Not just the reviews on this site, but all the reviews that you can find. Why bother? You'll be happy you did – and really sorry if you don't! The web hosting company that you choose can make or break your business – really.

When it comes down to your site, your privacy, and your protection, make sure that you choose the best hosting company you can find – and that means reading reviews! If you have questions about any material that you see here, just ask! We are more than happy to help you find the right review or help you find the best possible hosting company for your business.

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