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Internet marketing personEvery business needs some kind of marketing. That means hiring a marketing expert (unless you want to take a crash course in marketing, which I really don't recommend). Having the right marketing expert on your team can be a real godsend. But, you do need to be careful.

As much as the term ‘marketing' sounds glamorous and innocent enough, marketers (Marketing person) are a dirty bunch. They are some of the most despicable folks that you'll ever meet. Okay, maybe they aren't that bad, but some marketers are downright awful, and I'm not just talking about experience.

Select Marketing Person: Running Into the Black

Nobody ever got ahead by being too nice, but some marketers can really run your business into the ground quickly. How? Through shady tactics known as ‘black hat marketing.' Sounds scary, right? It can be. Black hat marketing involves all kinds of tricks and scams with the end goal of getting you more clients and more money. Does it work? Sometimes, but (more often than not) many of these marketers get caught.

Thankfully, black hat marketing isn't the only way to go. There's always grey hat marketing. Grey hat marketers straddle that fine line between black and white. These people may use some shady tactics, but they are also making sure that you don't get banned by Google or go over the edge too far. Grey marketers are really what you want to find, though truly innovative marketers (Marketing person) of this sort are few and far between.

Select Marketing Person: How to Choose the Right Marketing Expert

As silly as it sounds, the only really good way to hire a marketer to represent your company is to figure out what that person's character is really like. You can do this through a long interview that's full of interesting questions. You can also ask for references. But, really, choosing a marketer that will help you gain more clients while also keeping company morals in check is tough to do.

If you aren't sure how to find a marketer (Marketing person) that will make it all work, consider taking a look at the other sites hosted by the company that you've chosen. Do you see a site that you admire?

Wonder how a company got started? Ask about that company's marketing team, hire the person that did it all, and learn as much as you can about marketing on your own. This way, you'll know who to hire when you set out to find the right marketing person for your company.

As always, we are here to help you with every aspect of your website from finding the right hosting company to making sure that you find the best marketing team for your brand. Leave us a comment below if you need some additional help!

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