Dedicated Hosting and SEO

Dedicated Hosting and SEOThe SEO world can be a really murky one full of black water and treacherous holes (that's where the SEO bandits hide!). But, SEO is still a reality, and that means that you have to face the music at one point or another, no matter how noble you want your site to be or how much you hate the idea of keywords.

Since you're spending so much time learning about SEO (right?), you've probably come across the idea that you can't have good SEO unless you have a dedicated server. Well, I'm here to rid you of that mindset. The truth is that you don't need a dedicated server in order to have great SEO – and your site won't suffer if you don't go dedicated. Here's why.

What Google Says

Google has outright stated that a dedicated host will not boost your SEO. So, where did all of these rumours come from? Back in 2003, a Google developer told that masses that any ISP doing virtually hosting the right way won't be penalized. For some reason, this turned into “you have to have a dedicated host.” Sorry to burst your bubble, folks, but this just isn't true.

So, um, what's the right way to do it? The trick is to make sure that your site is hosted properly, and that your SEO is in line with what Google wants. That means not setting up a ton of little websites and trying to conquer the traffic market. Google will catch onto you eventually, and that will ruin your SEO (or just your site ranking in general). So, yeah, don't do that.

Why You Need A Dedicated Host (Maybe)

That said, you may need a dedicated host if you have a shopping site, or if the needs of that dedicated hosting package just suit your business better. Those are all great reasons to spend more money on the dedicated route. But, better SEO is not one of those reasons.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: good SEO comes from good and solid content. Create content that's worth reading about (like this article), answer questions, and just be yourself. Once you create great content, you'll get readers, you'll build a social presence, and people will like you. Google likes it when people like you, and that will drive people to your site while enjoying high site placement. Not a dedicated host or some shady tactics.

Dedicated Hosting and SEO: What Host to Try

Now that you know that there's no magic in dedicated hosting for SEO purposes, what hosting company should you check out? Take a look at the reviews we've posted on this site. We spend our hours creating reviews of hosting companies, so that you can spend your time building that great product – you know, the one that people will want to know more about. Not because you have a dedicated host and great SEO, but because your product just rocks.

Questions about dedicated hosting? Just ask!

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