How Hosting Companies Are Ranked

Hosting users look for performance, price and ease of use in a hosting company. Most web hosting consumers tend to opt for big-name hosting companies that come with a slew of hosting awards. These awards tend to be handed out by review and rating agencies, and tend to relate directly to a specific specialization that one company is particularly good at.

But, you have to ask yourself this question: what are the criteria that these awards are based on?

Researchers that work for various companies (like look for many different factors including reviews written by users, social influence and total traffic statistics, the number of domains hosted with a company, how many customers are leaving a particular hosting company (and where they are going) and Alexa ranking stats. The nomination of hosting companies for various hosting rewards is done on the basis of cumulative scores based on the aforementioned factors.

How Hosting Companies Are Ranked: Does Age Matter?

How Hosting Companies Are RankedMost hosting companies that gain awards have been around for more than a decade (though there are some exceptions). A large number of these companies have proven experience and reliability, which is why age becomes an important ranking factor. Another important factor is a site’s content. When it comes to content on a hosting website, written and video turotial content is important, and if often part of the overall site ranking process.

Other factors considered when rewarding hosting companies include:

  1. Availability of technical support for 24 x 7 via Live Help, Trouble Ticket System, Email, phone support and on social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  2. Price considerations: Price is important. Students who are beginners or new developers often seek low-cost hosting package pricing.
  3. Easy website management: A user-friendly and accesible user panel is very important. Every user wants everything to be managed using this type of panel, and most hosting companies offer everything under one roof like SSL certificate, domain options, or any other resource.
  4. Quick installation of scripts by offering Fantastico or Softaculous
  5. High performance and 100% compatibility
  6. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  7. Backup facility
  8. Latest version of MySQL and PHP
  9. Apache webserver and suPHP for enhancements
  10. BBB rating of hosting provider
  11. Server quality and UPS
  12. Better than average server response time
  13. Real-time monitoring statistics
  14. Data center location
  15. Multiple layers of network redundancy

Sites like and are independent web hosting review portals that help people just like you decide on a reliable hosting company. If you are trying to find a hosting company that comes with a lot of rewards or just a company that’s reliable, make sure to check out with has to offer – unbiased reviews and user responses to most major hosting companies out there!

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