Your main Facebook page loads in 0.7 seconds. That's fast. What about the site that you're about to set up? How Fast Should Your Website Load? Does it matter what cheap hosting site you use? Take a look!  How Fast Should Your Website Load

Cheap Hosting Site Choice Does Matter!

Fact: the average person will leave a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load. Four seconds! If your site is taking longer than four seconds to load, you risk losing clients. Lots of things contribute to slow loading sites. You might have too many technical elements on your site. It's also possible that your host isn't so great.

My advice is to shop around for the best cheap hosting plans you can find. Read reviews of those cheap hosting plans, see what other people think, and always choose the one that loads the fastest. What else can help speed up your site's load time?

Keep Redirects At Bay

Redirects can be useful, but they will also cause your website to lag. Minimize redirects as much as possible to speed up site time. Keep the redirects that you must have, and get rid of the rest.

Cut Back On Code!

Too much code can be a problem. If your site is crammed with code overload, it's time to cut it all back.

Optimize Photographs and Images

Photos can make a site slow. If you take the time to ensure that all photos are the same size, your site will load faster.

How Fast Should Your Website Load: Still Loading Slowly?

Yell at your hosting provider. Or, call that customer service department and find out why things are loading so slowly. There has to be a reason, but nine times out of ten…that reason has to do with a site that wasn't built properly!

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