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Your small business is planning an online marketing campaign, all in an effort to put your small business on the map to grow into something great. Maybe you're a lesser-known startup who's just looking to get the word out to begin to build a broader customer base. monthly target Online Marketing Campaign

Whatever the reason for your marketing campaign, you need to make sure your website is performing at its best. The last thing you want is for the site to crash after your campaign launches!

Is there any way to assure this crisis is averted? Of course! You've already done your cheap hosting comparison, choosing a cheap hosting plan that is perfect for you. With careful planning, you can take certain steps to assure your website performs as it should in the days to come, even if your marketing is so effective it brings hundreds of daily visitors.

Online Marketing Campaign: Track Visitor Stats

After your site is built, you should keep a close eye on the number of visitors it is receiving on a daily basis. If it appears your numbers are rising dramatically, it might be time to upgrade your cheap hosting plan to handle the load. If your numbers suddenly drop, then you'll need to figure out what is causing this and correct it at once.

Online Marketing Campaign: Uptime

You should be closely monitoring your site's uptime. How can you do this? There are a host of tools online, like Pingdom's free monitoring tool that shows you uptime, downtime, and other performance stats, or even Google Docs which can be set up to send an email or text alert the moment your site goes down. This is probably the most important aspect to monitor!

Online Marketing Campaign: Load Tolerance

Have you figured out how many visitors it would take to cause your site to perform slowly? Run some stress tests (there is a free online tool offered by Load Impact to do this quickly and easily) and assure that your visitor count stays below the number the test indicates will slow your site down.

Also, if your marketing campaign does what it should, your visitor numbers should rise substantially. The goal is to assure your site can handle the added traffic before there is a problem, so you should be preemptively preparing for the extra traffic to keep your website running smoothly in the thick of your marketing campaign.

Online Marketing Campaign: Page Speed

Did you know that the majority of Internet users choose to navigate away from a page that is taking forever to load rather than waiting it out? People want information instantly, and have no time to wait for a page to load. You want to make sure people aren't leaving your site before they even see what you have to offer. Pingdom offers a tool you can use to test the speed of your website, giving you tips to make it even faster!

Online Marketing Campaign: Performance Around The World

If you are a global business, you'll want to test your site in a wide range of locations around the world to assure your site performs just as well. If you're not global but intend to eventually spread worldwide, you might as well prepare for the future and conduct this testing as well.

Online Marketing Campaign: Free Disk Space

When you performed your cheap hosting comparison, a big consideration was likely server disk space. Now that you've selected your hosting plan, you'll need to monitor free disk space on the server continually to assure that you don't lose any data. If you need to, you should upgrade your plan before you run out of room!

Online Marketing Campaign: Page Load Time

Yes, you know how fast your website is, but do certain pages perform better than others? If you rely on a tool such as Pingdom's speed tester, you can determine what is slowing your page down. Maybe you have too many images, or Flash content. Figure it out, and correct the problem.

Online Marketing Campaign: Broken Links

Test your site's links often using an online link checking tool such as the Link Checker, available at validator.w3 .org. It locates broken links so that you can correct the problem. No one likes clicking on a link that doesn't work!

Online Marketing Campaign: Quality

Is your content worthy of someone's time? You might think so, but will your visitors? Look over your site for any grammar or spelling issues, and assure that the content stays relevant and high quality.

If you take these steps, your website will be ready to broadcast your marketing campaign to the world smoothly and painlessly.

Do you have any online marketing campaign tips to share? We'd love to hear about them!

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