Spring has sprung! In the midst of cleaning your windows and getting rid of cobwebs, save some time for trimming your IT department, IT Spring Cleaning. Cutting back IT costs can save any small business much needed cash. Here are the top five ways to spring clean the IT side of your business. motherboard close-up IT Spring Cleaning

1. Compare cheap hosting plans. Already have a hosting plan? That's great; but just like shopping around for car insurance, it pays to regularly compare cheap hosting plans. Who knows, you might be missing out on a great deal.

2. Consider the cloud. I've posted a few “cost saving benefits of cloud hosting” articles on this site before, but I'll say it again: it's been proven that moving to the cloud is cost-effective. No more IT department; no more servers; no more trouble (for the most part). Not comfortable with moving to the cloud completely? You can always move half of your documents.

3. Simple planning. What happens when an emergency strikes? Most companies will pay anything or do anything to make that problem go away. Right? If you have one or two people on your IT team that have a go-to plan for emergency purposes, you won't have to overspend at the last minute.

4. Supply and Demand Observance. Here's an interesting concept: consider the supply and demand of the people you hire. Maybe you need more outsourced people. Or, maybe you need to hire some more on-site people. Of course, the opposite is also true: you might need to cut some slack. Does your supply of people meet current demand?

5. Think of Outsourcing. Do you really need to have someone in the office to perform that IT job? An outsourced employee costs less, IT Spring Cleaning. Think about it: no benefits to pay, no yearly salary, and no real hassles. Just look for someone with experience, set a rate that agrees with you, and use that person when you need to…not when you don't.

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